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Why do people only post in /neet/? No.12149

Surely most of us like anime and vidya. Japanese and technology are a bit more niche, but I still think these boards ought to be more active than they are.

Is anyone else irked by this? Is there a reason for this? Do NEETs just not like anime and vidya as much as the stereotypes would have you believe?

I'm banned from 4chan for not being racist enough and banned from reddit for being too racist. So I need somewhere to have comfy anime and video game discussion. I'd like it to be here because NEETs are based, but I can't when those boards go months without activity.


I post on many other sites


I like anime too. Especially Welcome to the NHK and Death Note.



I've talked to NEETs, and anime and vidya are not as popular as you might think. Even Satou mostly stared at the ceiling. If you're into retro anime, you can go to Wapchan. If you're into video games, you can go to what remains of 8/v/.


/neet/ is /b/ and thus for everything. No other boards needed.

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This place keeps me from LDARing like Satou but I wish I saw more activity on /a/ and /g/. especially in the programming and Amiga threads.
I have done quite a bit of 糞POSTING on /日本語/
Any 日本人 agree with what i had to say about おっぱい???
Also all you nep fans will find something special on /v/


speak for urself underage aninigger
imagine watching it in 2023


Oppai suki da
>imagine not enjoying anime/manga


its easier to hide your powerlevel on /neet becuze the board is very vague and trivial you know this is why i prefer this board the most.
why should i use /anime and /vidya? just so you can go and ruin my favorite ones by going to their devs and threaten them with your comments? no thanks. and when it comes to /technology, why should i tell you whats the best for you? just so you can go and buy the best products and they will raise the price and i have to pay more, see? i got bullyied and still get attacked by basically random people on the streets, so tell me, why should i help anyone in this world?


Wtf are you talking about? Discussing your favorite shows, games, & tech will not meaningfully make any of them more difficult for you to acquire. I like thos site too, but you're giving us way too much credit. There's probably a few dozen regular posters here. Get over yourself


This post was written by a projecting underage kid. Nobody uses underage as an insult except people below or barely even 20. It's a shit tier insult. Drooling toddler tier.

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Based. he's a literal spurdo spärde


>just so you can go and buy the best products and they will raise the price and i have to pay more
If only that worked out for EVGA.
He's right and wrong when it comes to products. Some things get more expensive with more exposure while others can get cheaper at least initially which is the time to buy.


Ofc im right and this is why i have to hide myself from human NPCs.


Right AND wrong. Congrats on being wrong! 🎉