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Have you taken the bidetpill? No.12163

I could see why homosexuals would want to wipe their own shit from their ass for perverted reasons. But for everyone else, just have a robot do it. I didn't even realize that underwear "skid marks" were a real problem people dealt with until I was in my late 20s. It doesn't just make your ass cleaner, it's better for the environment and you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper.

They only cost around $50 and they're easy to install. Get a bidet, you savages.


Just use wet wipes or water your toilet paper a little bro. Personally I couldn't care less because nobody will ever be around my naked butt but me.




I used to blast my anus with a high pressure showerhead, it gave me piles.
However bog roll is a massive meme. I wash my ballon knot with a hose after every chunky brap on the throne!
Would prefer a bidet tho.


It doesn't matter if no one else ever sees your butthole. You still benefit from having a clean ass because YOU have to live with your ass 24/7


I don't care about myself or anyone else.

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Is that really true though? It's time to put up or shut up. Please murder a politician of your choosing. The more infamous the better. It's okay if the cops kill you because you allegedly don't care about your own well-being or else you're an edgy teen


No mister FBI, murder bad!

pfft.jpg (87.07 KiB, 1366x768) google saucenao

So you are merely an edgy teenager after all. Yeah, that's what I thought. Hurry and grow up so you can start posting slightly less cringe things


>calling others cringe
Ok sport.

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>spends his time going to imageboards to whine about anime
>doesn't actually enjoy anything anymore
>is ashamed of being a NEET
>wants to kill himself
Yes, this was all trivial to glean by your post. You don't belong here.


pic related are easily replaceable


Gay and European. Americans enjoy the thickest toilet paper in the world.


Like I said, I could see why homosexuals such as yourself would enjoy sticking thick paper up your ass. I'm straight though, so my virgin ass will literally bleed if I debase myself by using your primitive paper solution to cleaning yourself.

Ask yourself this: would you ever clean up dogshit off your floor with nothing but a piece of toilet paper? No, of course not. You need water to actually clean the area. Same with your ass. But again, I don't begrudge you for sucking cocks and getting railed in the ass everyday. It's just not something straight men like, which is why you will never understand. Because you're a faggot.


I'm a faggot and might get a bidet soon. Not because I like things in my butt (I don't), but because paper on the ass is kinda gross. Bidets make much more sense hygiene wise.
Of course I prefer when my ass is clean without any effort through a good diet, but even with the best diet there's gonna be dirt once in a while and paper just doesn't feel clean enough so I have to resort to the shower to feel right.


That cat is pretty gay.
Bidets are based though!


Don't forget to dry your tushies after washing them, NEETs!

tp.png (71.21 KiB, 630x630) google saucenao

Argument for all the Based Bidet Bros here. TP was invented by a man named Joseph GAYetty
So this just reinforces our point that shit roll is for homosexuals!


>Is a literal faggot
Based. I hope you count your blessings everyday for never needing to endure heterosexual women


I hate women so fucking much, you gays are the luckiest sods on the planet!