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What is your favorite drug? And why is it cocaine?


I’m sorry for making this stupid thread


Sorry is not enough.


Meth is orders of magnitude better than cocaine. It lasts longer, the crash isn't as intense, and it's cheaper to boot. Besides that, it just looks cool. You drop a literal energy crystal in your pipe, vape it, and watch it slowly recrystallize.

Yes, it's more neurotoxic than coke, but it's also less cardiotoxic than coke. It doesn't make you jittery like the TV says, and is actually a rather smooth high if your shit is pure. It's one of the few pragmatic drugs out there too. I learned to code, draw, & 3D model on dextro-amphetamine... yet meth is even better for programming or artistic pursuits. And the stimfaps. Oh god the stimfaps! Meth will keep you hard for 8 hours straight and it feels better than sober or Viagra sex. Meanwhile, most dudes can't even maintain an erection on cocaine. That last bit says it all really.

Cocaine is babby's first stim tbh. I'm glad normalfags hate meth though. Makes it a lot easier to purchase for cheap. Thank you government and churches for putting out all that antimeth propaganda! However, if you'd like to break yourself free from the propaganda, read this: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/publications/methamphetamine-dangers-exaggerated

I've only ever bought meth off darknet so acquire some bitcoin off the grid and buy some ASAP. I'll probably wait a few months myself. Gotta have a bag ready to go for "white Xmas" lol


Bervitin Based.
t. Meth Head Spurdo!