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I don't see how neets are supposed to date or make friends who are also neets because we're usually introverts and have no social hobbies besides maybe vidya. i want friends but i don't know how to get them. No.1283

why would you want friends life is so much better alone


Subject goes in all fields


Because I'm sad and lonely.




I'd be perfectly fine with a group of 3 to 4 other weirdos that are similar to myself.


>tfw no real life neet club


I still wish there was a NEET social network.


NEETs are too shy for that, notice how slow the boards for them are.


yeah thats my problem. I used to be able to talk to people online without a problem, but now I can only talk on anonymous imageboards. I really want friends and know where to find friends but I just cant do it, just broken I guess.


I've fallen into the same situation. I'm always paranoid behind a handle for some reason now days. I used to be so active on IRC, ICQ, anime forums, and other places online.


I wish I knew what my issue was so I could at least try to counteract it. Now I just am completely withdrawn in every aspect if it isnt anonymous. I dont even know how to describe my fears, im truly cursed.
Ive begun seeing some vtubers as unironic friends and the supplement real world interaction. Every now and then Ill have some level of clarity where I understand that its not real and fall into an extreme depression, but eventually it passes and Im back to thinking theyre my real life friend. Dont know what to do from here.


The v-tuber cope is a bit sad to be desu, I watch streams or put them in the background because otherwise it feels lonely but I don't consider them friends or anything like that. the most I do is post comments on youtube and rarely tweet to small japanese artists that I like their art, sometimes they reply with thank you or arigatou but that's it don't tweet to anyone, I just retweet art. I also have a discord but I'm too shy to join convos, it seems that every community already has a their group of friends and I feel like i'm bothering them. mmmm sometimes I chat on twitch and that's feels nice I think.... But I don't really long for friendship desu desu, my big bro is my only friend, even if he is a norm.

I don't remember how I found this but here's an invite to a japanese discord server for neets - temporary workers and menharas (diagnosticated). https://discord.gg/2aPERBEWWP No, I don't speak japanese, sometimes I google translate their convos for fun but I haven't done that in a while.


I feel the same way. I try to talk to people online but I just... don't have enough energy to do so. The only person I talk to is my boyfriend and I can barely maintain a conversation going on with him. I'm so bad at life, I don't understand why everyone can do it but me.


clever troll is clever


I do have a boyfriend. We met in highschool, and have been dating since. He's my best (and only) friend, too.


I'm not sure about mine either. But we're similar in that context. As far as the vtuber trend, I don't even bother with that. I don't even watch any internet personalities or anything like that on a regular basis. I used to be caught up in that but with differences when I was younger though.

I quit using Discord a couple of years ago. I remember having such an interest in Discord when it first came out almost bringing forth a sense of nostalgia from past times in the early to mid 2000s. But that faded pretty fast and I can't really relate with most of the types that get on there unforunately.


knowing your mental issues hasnt helped me in the slightest. Ive also fallen into the vtuber trend, and Ive unironically fallen in love with one. I can swear she knows who i am and is talking to me in code but every now and then I have moments of clarity that I know deep down that its bullshit
They helped at first but then I became dependent on them, and they cant reply to what I say. Honestly if youre reading this and arent into vtubers yet, dont do it, youre only going to wreck yourself if a decade of neetdom hasnt demolished your mental state to the point that youll believe anything


nah I like v-tubers and it doesn't affect me, never seen them as nothing more than enternainment.


It doesn't really help unless you have a way to get professional help, and even then it depends if you have good help and you buy-in.
Self-diagnosing and treatment is a rabbit hole that often results in tragedy than real improvement unless it's very basic improvements to lifestyle that you should already be doing anyway. (exercise, drinking more water, etc).


try app.element.io and add me @maddie.i:matrix.org :)


Why not? Let's be friends!


I haven't had a friend online in ages because I can't stand weebs any more. The friends I did have never grew out of anime, where as I moved on and rarely if ever interact with anime in any way any more. They're still watching new shows and at best I'll dip into an old mecha series and lose interest after a few episodes. Games don't have communities any more to meet people so I've accepted things as they are. It's all on Discords (spyware) if you want to interact with people and I don't care to install it. Plus the internet is no fun allowed now and you get banned for not being PC when I'd rather call a faggot a faggot and be done with it.

Vtubers are thots finding a niche to exploit lonely men as you can see in this thread. They're cam whores and nothing more, don't go down that rabbit hole.

Most NEET spaces are full of fags and trannies these days. They're trying to groom lonely men to fuck with them and get attention from them. Outside of that problem you also have the bottom of the barrel type you really don't want to be friends with. They're unwashed nutcases who get angry and call you a normalfag for taking a shower. Getting yourself comfortable with their low standards will only make your life worse and give them company to continue to wallow. You're much much better off keeping them as far away from you as you can. There's levels of being a NEET and you can always sink further and make your life worse instead of better.


you sound jaded and bitter but you're right about crabs, where do you even hang out?


I feel you anon. Only People i talk to are other anonymous ppl on obscure imageboards. The internet was such a nice place until social media hit. Well, can't turn back time so... let's make the best of it.


I'm jaded and bitter but what else do you expect to come from experience? I'm hardly going to be optimistic when every NEET space is colonised by angry virgins. There's NEETS who have health problems but try to have a reasonably decent life on autism bucks, try to have hobbies and relationships. Those sort of people are going to be cynical at the state of NEET websites.

I don't hang out any where, I roam image boards and very rarely post on them. I don't like 4chan so I'm stuck on the webring and places like this with very little traffic. I tend to lurk movie and TV series streams while playing games or working on hobby projects. I don't have a single board or website that feels like home any more. It sucks but there's nothing I can do about it. If it doesn't exist then it doesn't exist.

As you approach middle age your eye sight gets worse. When you're in your teens and twenties you can spend all day reading threads. As you get older you're going to get head aches and eye strain if you do it for too long. It's why many oldfags are now leaving boards even if they like them. Not worth hurting your eyes to read shit posting. Signal to noise ratio was always bad on image boards, it's got worse since Reddit and Facebook took most the functional people out of the pool so it's better to keep your eyes rested than suffer for "lol u fag XD" and wojaks.



He's right, you know.
I hope e-ink becomes affordable this decade for your sake.


You’re always welcome here, anon.


>As you approach middle age your eye sight gets worse.
My eyesight has been shit since I was around 17. The real reason is that you value your time more as you get older. I used to get on autistic internet arguments as a teen but I stopped after realizing how pointless it was years ago.
He's right but there's no reason to be bitter, just accept the things for the way they are and move on. I don't see a difference between a bitter oldfag and a bitter literal boomer.


>just accept the things for the way they are and move on
I don't enjoy agreeing with this person but I can only speak for myself when I ask what there is to move on to? I don't know how he feels, I don't doubt he's just a normalshit wanting to complain to "own the incels" but the state of a lot of things are shit and when they're your greatest hobbies that hits kind of hard.


Everyone gets bitter as they get older because so much has changed for the worst. When you see the places you played as a child become dangerous to walk and your town become a third world crack den you shouldn't just accept it and be fine with it. Calling people a boomer for not wanting to live in a dystopian nightmare is hardly an insult.

Being a NEET does not mean you're a shut in who spends all day watching anime and never showers. You are the type of colonizer I was talking about, upset there are people better than you in the world so you try to invert good/bad to feel better about yourself. There was a time when NEET boards used to have active self improvement threads for people trying to pull themselves out of the bucket. Now if you say you wish you had a normal life with a family and spare income you have idiots like you calling people normalfags/normalniggers/normies and all that junk. Those threads have disappeared and been replaced by rotten people who just want to be less lonely with the bare minimum amount of effort. But ultimately refuse to give up a self destructive life style that only ends in suicide or homelessness when their parents die. Hikkikomori is a mental illness and enabling that is vile.


>You are the type of colonizer
I would say you have me completely mixed up with other people as I initially did with you but I know where you're coming from now. With that said I don't know what you hope to achieve by getting mad at people here and complaining without making your own threads for the things you want like self-improvements and connecting socially. If you wanted, you could even make a site of your own for these kinds of things or go to other places that allow for boards like it. I understand your feelings but I would like to think that you aren't as powerless to do something about it as it looks to me that you think you are.


Another dead image board with 3 posts a day isn't solving any of the problems. There's already a hundred different imageboards with no one on them.

I'm also a very poor choice to run a board. I have little tolerance for bullshit any more and would end up banning half the people who posted there. Image board culture has become pure shit posting.


I love you anon. Thanks for this post. But why not just let's be friends? <3


NEET's a good guy.


i feel ya man....big time


I feel that I'm not meant to have friends anymore, and now I feel that online interactions don't matter
But I still like using sites like this one and writting around one line of dialog somewhere online


I wonder from time to time if I'll ever have a real friend that's even close to my level of mental understanding. I haven't had what I'd even consider a "true friend" since I was in middle school. Then any other people I was able to somewhat connect with all moved away one by one until I was the last one left here where I remain stuck. It's as if I'm frozen in time all alone.


what constitutes your level of mental understanding, neet-san?


It's cool. Eversince i was 16 at high school i realized it wasn't worth it this whole social competition with others. When i spent my time in my room the silence was a bliss and i told myself "That's it i prefer this lifestyle i don't care what it takes me fuck people". Because at that point i've seen all the normie shit were even the freshmen girls in my high school would suck a dick for a pack of Mcdonalds chicken nuggets......like literally... years later i still remain the same here in my room away from everybody else. I'm pretty content about it. The secret is to find every and any form of entertainment and consume it to the max and it never gets boring


>he doesn't want a cheeky blowie joey from a NEET girl in exchange for his chikky nuggies


Dated before as a NEET and you become a red flag because any girl interested in you must have something wrong with her and nt in the way us NEET guys and girls do but probably some serious issues that will cause them to harm you because pure crazy.