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NEET Documentaries No.1369

ITT Post and discuss NEET documentaries.



I saw this one!


Ive always dreamed of making a documentary on hikkis, but I dont have the money to and I wouldnt want to be a faggot and advertise myself asking for hikkis to interview


Most of them probably wouldn't want to talk to you anyway.


If you're paying them, no one's going to have a problem.


I think I'd be pretty uncomfortable with a camera crew going around my dungeon.


same here.


I've seen this one as well. I've seen quite a bit of them. I'll try to post a video every time I come to this thread. I always find myself relating a lot with some of the people who are interviewed in these but there's others who I don't and feel as if they have a chance to "escape". However that term should be considered loosely based since escaping into what? Living a mediocre life with 'normal' people? Sounds like less freedom to me personally. Either way, we're fucked and truly trapped regardless of what we do.

Has anyone here seen this one

Honestly wouldn't be too hard if you live near some. I'm sure they'd do it for some really cheap price or just bring them a present. Some may even just want someone to talk to if only to make their day "more interesting".

You'd honestly be surprised. Especially with those who are in their 30s/40s. They have no one to talk to and have lost the ability to talk with younger NEETs that usually frequent boards like this. I'm worried I'm slowly already getting there being in my 30s now. I don't relate as much with the younger NEETs and slowly feeling slightly out of touch each passing year.

I wouldn't be comfortable unless the place was cleaned up first and I was able to hide away some things. But then I'd be taking away a lot of the authenticity away. I don't have NEETbux and a lot of the stuff in my room isn't very special. Just things that I have had for a long time with more gone each year to breaking/falling apart or forced into selling. Life is cruel.


I haven't seen that one, nice documentary. I unfortunately made the mistake of looking at the comments.
What you said about not being able to relate to younger neets sounds sad, I don't see myself being a neet 5 years in the future.


There's more to it as originally it was 55 minutes. But I haven't been able to locate the entire documentary. It's definitely more lonely to a very isolated lifestyle full of loneliness already. I've been NEET for most of my life now and each passing year you truly do lose more than you had the previous. I like being NEET on some days and feel miserable on others. I truly hate the system and find it despicable with the rest of society. I long ago gave up on any hope that I'd have a normal life or a normal career path. Jobs aren't going to save me at this rate. I do need to find some sort of stability to avoid homelessness however. Just not really sure what to do that isn't completely mundane and keeps me away from the disgusting reaches of others in their false grip of reality they've created for themselves. Sorry for rambling.

Here's another video that most people here have probably already seen. But I'd like to continue to post a video each time I visit this thread. It's definitely older than the other two posted so far in this thread.


I have seen that one it is very old but gives a very good insight into the more extreme hikikomori cases.



Yes, I have watched the Rent-a-sister video as well. Makes me wonder what they are currently doing now or if those hikki that were seeing them before are now forced into doing so online now.

Here's another documentary with my post. I thought this one was posted quite earlier than I'm seeing the upload date. Maybe it's just I felt like quite more time had passed since I had last watched it.




why bump it not like it is about to slide off the board say something worth replying to instead


why bump it not like it is about to slide off the board say something worth replying to instead


why bump it not like it is about to slide off the board say something worth replying to instead