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Missing Websites No.14028

What's a website you would want but does not exist?

The NEET Collective™ will band together and make your wish come true.


>a site with accompanying plugin that functions like Newsguard for free speech. Here is some starter code:
>a site that is a timeline/global map, and the point is you comment directly on real world events. Here is some starter code:


A site where you can discuss high level politics without things like cult of personality or isms.


Bro, why did you check in your node_modules? Add that shit to your .gitignore


Because I suck at programming lol
I'm really just the idea guy


Firepit: a real time chatroom where you create a virtual fire using your lines of text as virtual sticks that you throw into the fire. As more people communicate, the fire rages. Needs accurate fire physics. Maybe it's like each time you submit text, a little "air puff" is created as well so the fire is more realistic. Lurkers can sit there and place the lines of text kinda like tetris pieces to maximize airflow and increase the fire. I don't think I'm the only human who has deep convos more easily around a fire. We evolved to focus on it.

Also I really just want a puzzle game that accurately simulates building a fire. I can't believe this doesn't already exist. I believe we already have nearly perfect fire simulation using neural nets, but that's above my pay grade (which is zero)


How do you read the text before it gets added to the fire?

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Make this for me OP/NEET Collective:


I’m basically drunk 24/7 but I’m still able to write production ready, high quality software. It’s the only thing I can do. It’s weird how our brain works.


Envisioning either avatars or even simple arbitrary points circling a campfire. When you submit text, it is displayed to others as in a speech bubble indicating where it comes from. The bubble "pops" leaving the text on the "ground". Then another user is free to pick it up and place it in the fire. Each connected user would have different colored text as well. Once the text/stick "carbon" is completely consumed by the fire, that text would be permanently irretrievable and gone from the server. Kinda like how Snapchat was marketed as but for text. Or, you know, like an actual conversation around a campfire.

Did you learn to code while drunk? If so, the phenomenon you experience is known as:

You're lucky your drug of choice is booze. I learned to code on meth, and now I require it to so much as understand code I wrote a few days prior. This has become very inconvenient for me. I'm basically in the situation legendary mathematician Paul Erdos found himself in except I'm way dumber to start with:


I will keep bumping this thread regularly until one of these ideas crystalizes into actual software.


When i started using git I made that same muggle-tier mistake of adding my object code to the repository, in some of my older projects I'm still surprised by what i find in there from time to time!


Bump. Also does anyone know of a site where you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you- you’ll do, you could- you, you want, you want him to do you so much you could do anything? If not, make it!

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What are you saying, Nep?


That I never knew this guy dreamed about some man doing him.

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neetmoe fills the void i have left from old hikky boards.

it fills much less when i encounter various admins and their bootlickers like itt

github is antineet and so are you. the reason you don't have a good job yet because you suck, and not of principles and lifestyle and choice. keep coding bro, someday they'll pick you up or you self-employ on the internet.


sites are filled with its opposed userbases atm

each and every site userbase is subverted.


>Did you learn to code while drunk?
I learned to write software when I was 10, and didn't really start drinking until I turned 21. I smoked a lot of weed in high school, but I hate it now.

Really interesting article though!


Github is fine for free code hosting. I've self-hosted Gitlab instances before, but Github is really convenient. Just block tracking scripts.


>github is antineet and so are you. the reason you don't have a good job yet because you suck
why the fuck would I want a job? you're the only antineet here. fuck off faggot


everything proprietary is both anti-user and anti-NEET!
>I've self-hosted Gitlab instances before, but Github is really convenient.
Freedom > Convenience
t. Freetarded GNUfag


Why haven't you been bumping?!


My bad bro. I am nothing is not lazy. But anyway: BUMP