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Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.


I'm in one for old computers (mostly DOS based).


GTFO zoomer.


kuso thread


Shid fard hahaha


I am so completely disgusted by this webm.


sage goes in all fields


Man, they knew what they were doing when they named the program Discord…

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This anon here is way too sociophobic for VoIP. (That's what this discord thing is basically about, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong!) What a horrible thought - actually having to talk to strangers! I'll stay with image boards and sometimes IRC. Text is all anon can handle without getting drunk first. Can't play online games with voIP either. All the players yelling at each other (or worse: at anon) is just too much of a hassle.


true. i stopped looking for a server tbh. i found lots of "NEET" servers online and they were filled with larps and people who bullied me for actually being a neet. fuck normies


THis so much NEET discords are all shit do not even bother


all discords are shit. i dont know what it is about them that attracts horrible people looking to get into arguments but all it does is manufacture drama for bored teens


Discord is just a tool. Guns don't kill people...


Correct. But, just like with Tumblr, it tends to attract a certain kind of people.
For better or worse.
I tend to avoid Discord, for the same reason. very social people craving attention to some extent, etc.
I rather use IRC, I must say.



Cool server you should join


get out


do not use shitcord but drop your matrix if you use that I may chat with you.
Fuck discord that shit stopped being good for years in terms of potential.


I'm sure most of you are aware by now about Microsoft looking to buy Discord right now. If you had any reason to avoid it before, you definitely do now.


Meant to type "didn't have". Sorry, ESL here.


lmao ironic akali dressup


She's putting on the pounds.


Serious deja-vu. Microsoft bought Skype back in the day. I feel like it's exactly the same.


I wonder if they would end up replacing Skype with Discord at this point. Look at how MSN/Windows Live Messenger just kind of died after they acquired Skype.


Funny amirite or amirite? :D


I think Skype is dead. My friendlist is a graveyard and every online group advertises their Discord now. If M$ acquires it then they will probably dump Skype like they did with MSN years ago.






I do, I even have my own dead server, but it's porn focused so I really don't care about it now. The people there used to be my friends but I changed and I would rather not talk to them
Most of the servers I'm in are for following certain vidya related projects, so I don't talk in any of them unless I need help with some patches or apps


there's this one discord I like and all other that I am in are horrible, sadly that one vets its members heavily, I got in way back before it did, also everyone in it hates me and would never let in anyone I vouch for.


it's pretty impossible to find a nice and comfy discord tbh, I got insanely lucky, you probably won't.


There's nothing quite like being grandfathered in.


Discord servers are such a drag.


feel free to talk to my


i do use discord, but i only downloaded it to keep in touch with my one friend. i did join some random gaming servers but they always have circlejerking, reminds me of old fourms where there were always 5-10 top posters who would barge into every conversation and thread to circlejerk. i left the servers.




I have been thinking about deleting my account, I feel that I can't socialize anymore, I have nothing much/interesting to say, I can't be genuine because I'm ashamed, sometimes I feel that people there pretend to care, I might have gotten too atached too, but if I delete it then I won't be able to know when/if some fangames I follow get updated
I sure have some weird priorities


hey guys you want a based program google elements (matrix)


Discord is total shit and you don't belong here if you're using such things. The application of choice for retarded phoneposters and those apathetic towards computer security.


Whats the best Irc client? I iuse riot matrix, the fediverse, rocketchat.




Lol Discordhurt


There is nothing comfy about Discord. And its spyware too. No thanks man


discord its ok to meh for making friends, however most people here dont "really" want friends though, they just want some anime idealized perfect version of friendship.


You can have anime friendships online irl. Have higher standards for friendships

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I used to have discord but I was really only in like 2-3 ish servers and dropped almost all of them except for the first one I was in, which was for a doujin fighter. I used to talk in them but stopped one day. I only kept it to talk to my irl friend who ended up ghosting me so I just deleted it last year. Don't care much for it anymore.


I feel this


online friendships are not the same as a irl friendship, once you have both irl feels much more genuine and secure(you also probably arent talking to severe mentally ill people that can hide it easily trough the internet)


Here is a comfy neet server I frequent. The VC is very active since the owner and a few regulars are always rotting away here.


I hate irl relationships and prefer online ones because more genuine.


being friends with people with no friends online its co dependency not friendship


fuck you idiot


Either way I am still alone, I have none


You have not experienced true friendship obviously. You can actually have a friendship online




your internet friends will never:

help you climb a tree, wingman for you, sit on the same couch and crack jokes, have a backyard barbecue, play sports with you (vidyagames doesnt count), go fishing together(vidyagames doesnt count), help you move, go camping, give you a hug, etc...

you have obviously not experienced true friendship if you only had online ones, you only experienced a simulated, twisted version of friendship as cope because of the lack of real social interaction.

norms can play vidya online/vc/whatever together but thats not their only option there is so much more to their friendship than interactions trough a screen.


Many people’s friends in real life never do those things either.


you have a weirdly inflated view of "norm" friendship. for the vast majority of the population their friends are just people in the same place at the same time regularly that they don't hate.


then those are not friends they're aquantances or collegues, people you "hang out with", most norms dont have true friendship either, they just have weed buddies, people that they just want to be around and that they dont hate(but don't love either) its not the same thing.


so then you would agree that, for the vast majority of the population, there is no real functional difference between online friends and real-life friends? aside from apparently getting high in the swame room


yes but those are not friends, theyre people you hang out.

a true friend its someone you will take a bullet for someone you consider family, someone you have shared life experiences with someone that sticks with you through the end. A real friend its more like a stranger that you consider a brother than people you "spend time" with, you can do that with anybody.


Next up are princesses and their knights in shining armor!


so, in summary: online friends (with rare exception) will never do a bunch of real life stuff with you, and real life friends will (with rare exception) never meet the criteria for true friend. so I guess in the end the lesson was... pick your poison?


yes, it just so happens that irl has a exponentially higher chance of connection than interactions through a screen.


That's only if you aren't too ugly


Tbh really tired of seeing this 3D slut’s face on the catalouge.

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Same, someone ought to make a new bread.


theres a discord server i think that goes by gg/incelcore , its a server for the subreddit r/mkultrasupportgroup ( i think) but it's pretty much a server for people like us and music artists like nxp - if you're interested of course. if incelcore doesn't work try doomer


i do but its unrelatable with you kids


and this is why I do not join discords for losers as they are always these faux loser communities based on being an "incel".
Stop assuming that NEET and incel go together.


The people who throw around the word incel are fake NEETs and are just disgusting.
Keep /r9k/, /pol/, and wizard shit off NEET communities.


Technically you could be a NEET and call yourself an incel but I get the gist of what you are saying.
They do not have NEET state of mind as they are aspiring normalfags and should always be considered as such.

Their lack of sex is not any real problem as you can let go of that desire and find freedom but they don't and are the cause of their own pain.


You have the wrong idea of what "incel" means. Its originally a term coined by a psychologist to mean "involuntary celibate", or someone who cannot get sex for one reason or another, usually a lack of social aptitude or a bad appearance.
In the past few years its taken on a new meaning to describe people who are excessively hateful towards women (and men. Female incels exist too), feel entitled to other peoples attention and bodies, and are usually quite racist as well, seeing as a lot of their "evidence" comes from /pol/ and /r9k/.

You might see an incel talk like this:
>"Bros I fucking hate roasties. All they ever go for is disgusting nigger men in my area"
>"Feminism (they mean women's empowerment) is destroying society. I don't think women should have jobs because it detracts from the "traditional" family structure"
>"All scrotes are pedophiles. If men aren't massaging your feet 8 hours a day then they're not good enough for you queen!"

These people are annoying, usually have very low intelligence, and are a plague wherever they decide to go. They are not NEET.


Why does this imageboard allow discord advertising to stay up? Jesus, this is stupid.


Sure, here's one.


This thread isn't advertising
but this guy is


The admin is hands off. He still deletes spam every one to two days.


come fren, very comfy I promise


It looks girly, no thanks


> They are not NEET.


anyone can and will be neet if he's not working and enlisting in something public

here's discord you should be in mr.crabs



Are they supposed to look like Eiki?



"You are not different, You are same just like everyone. Stay Positive. You are not alone."


This is such a robotic thing to say


You got that right.




Small wholesome comfy server.


hi guys



i dont even frequent this site i was just sorting out my chanz bookmarks but then saw this thread so i just wanna say, dont ever use discord ever, that kikeware honeypot shithole is cursed, at least make an element chat in a non kiked homeserver or learn to use xmpp wich i understand is the best option for chatrooms