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Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.


I'm in one for old computers (mostly DOS based).


GTFO zoomer.


kuso thread


Shid fard hahaha


I am so completely disgusted by this webm.


sage goes in all fields


Man, they knew what they were doing when they named the program Discord…

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This anon here is way too sociophobic for VoIP. (That's what this discord thing is basically about, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong!) What a horrible thought - actually having to talk to strangers! I'll stay with image boards and sometimes IRC. Text is all anon can handle without getting drunk first. Can't play online games with voIP either. All the players yelling at each other (or worse: at anon) is just too much of a hassle.


true. i stopped looking for a server tbh. i found lots of "NEET" servers online and they were filled with larps and people who bullied me for actually being a neet. fuck normies


THis so much NEET discords are all shit do not even bother


all discords are shit. i dont know what it is about them that attracts horrible people looking to get into arguments but all it does is manufacture drama for bored teens


Discord is just a tool. Guns don't kill people...


Correct. But, just like with Tumblr, it tends to attract a certain kind of people.
For better or worse.
I tend to avoid Discord, for the same reason. very social people craving attention to some extent, etc.
I rather use IRC, I must say.



Cool server you should join


get out


do not use shitcord but drop your matrix if you use that I may chat with you.
Fuck discord that shit stopped being good for years in terms of potential.