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do any anons have a routine or like a schedule that they maintain to stay content and happy ?i feel like i should find a way to enjoy the time i have, rather than just refresh the same 3-4 websites. u know something else, like a hobby or something. the thing is i m unable to put my mind at anything and lack motivation to do simple tasks like putting the dishes back in the kitchen. so i just want to change myslf anf be happy


Maybe a slow hobby like gardening could suit you? I started growing aloe vera plants and other succulents a few years ago. All Succulents are awesome pets. :3


I just started trying to build a daily routine. I'm going to try to make the effort to add something new everyday to my list and maybe attempt to do it in a fashion such as a level up system to reward myself in some way.


Either do it or don't. There's no inbetweens on this. If you want to stop sitting at your computer all day refreshing the same websites then walk away from it. You don't need a strict schedule, you need to stop using time wasting to fill your time and find something productive to do.