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Incest Faggot No.15329

Hey it's me with an update on yesterday. My sister and I had a real date. Lunch and a movie and a walk through the park. It's the best I've ever felt in my life. It feels too good to be true. I loved every minute of spending time with her in a way I hadn't before. I asked her what we really were at this point and she said she didn't know but that she was happy to do this kind of stuff with me. We held hands in the park like a real couple would. We hugged goodbye and exchanged I love you's. I really wanted to kiss her but it seemed like a bad idea after what had happened (this is a cover for being too beta). I'm not as worried that she hates me now but I don't know what to do honestly. I don't think we could ever be open unless we abandoned everyone we know and kids are off the table because I don't want Habsburgs. And God if she were to act like a normal roastie I don't know what I would do. I don't think she would do that but I would be in shambles if she did. I just hope things work out. I shouldn't be worrying before bed though it's bad. I don't know when we're meeting up again, she said she would call me and tell me. Goodnight neet, even if my love having status makes me hated here.


It's amazing that through the power of the internet I got to watch an anon start dating his sister in real time.


Seems to good to be true, almost as if it was the work of an incel who couldn't hold in his incest fantasies any longer. Keep us updated OP, next time describe your intimate sex in detail for all of us to enjoy.


Clicked on the thread to jack off, left the thread feeling heartwarmed. I jacked off too


>this OP
>most people here supporting it
I think I'm gonna stop using this site (daily). Maybe Wizchan is more my thing.
German anon, Belgian anon, obese anon and Yoda posting schizo anon (who might be the same person) are ok. The rest of you are degenerate failed normalfag scum. Fuck you.


I suppose him actually trying to fuck his sister irl makes him definitely *not* a normalfag. He is unabashedly degenerate, but he probably is the least normalfag he could possibly be. But this begs the question: do you think a normalfag is a desirable thing to be? Do you look down on us because you are a successful normalfag?


>a successful normalfag
You clearly didn't understand the post.


I would fucking do anything to have a sister I could date. You're a real normalfaggot.


>muh sex
i imagine that's why he called OP a *failed* normalfag, for still being obsessed with sex just like one but also attaching paraphilia to it.


Keep seething for the rest of your life. All I see is a wholesome OP who wants to love his sister. What's there to seethe about? That he didn't just write niggerfaggot niggerfaggot niggerfaggot and attach some crude black and white ms paint drawing of someone with their mouth open?


>hurr ur soyjak poster if ur not some sex-obsessed loser
holy fuck, reaching a bit far arent we dear?


I just pretend it's real because it's ultimately irrelevant to me whether it's real or if there's actually a sister fucker halfway across the globe.
>obsessed with sex
He explicitly denied comfort sex with his sister because he actually loves her and wants to have a semblance of a relationship instead of just chasing pussy to get his dick wet.
Love is antithetical to normalfag behavior.


you think looking at individual posts in a vacuum is a good basis for an argument. stay retarded.


I woke up early. She called pretty late last night. We talked for a long time, mostly about some movies that were actually good because the one we saw sucked. She almost ended the call without telling me when she wanted to see me. Luckily i stopped her. 6 days. I'm ready for it to come already. I'll keep you all posted on any future updates. For the people who are butt mad about this existing, please read the last sentence of the OP.


Your senseless aggression gives off the same vibe as troonjak poster. This is a comfy place. OP is sharing good news with us. Now that I think about it, he isn't even talking about sex really, just incestuous love. Lmao your bitching reeks of envy more than anything else


Read Oral Hygiene Brother.


What movie did you see?


start with telling ur age please, if ur both grown ups that's cool. which i doubt.


lol there's nothing wrong with sex or incest.
but rn it all sound too childish or memetic to me, and is likely bullshit or op is a kiddo. Just by the way he's writing you can tell they aren't adults yet. Which is still fine.

>Maybe Wizchan is more my thing.
yeah, if you get upset by people having sex, its either wizchan or or something similar. Rest of internet isn't as retarded or ugly or poor, everyone has friends, some kind of a job and some kind of sex at least once in a while. If you are not young like op is, just die, the future is too grim for omega males like you. For example, i came here after making money online, i have girl acqaintances, friends, some money.. Can you relate to me? probably no. But i'm still a neet though. basically incels like you should form communities based on age and don't stick to 11-20 and 30-50+ age. or you'll just be eternally butthurt.


if it comes down to sex, cover yourselves and make some videos. Or at least photos. or at least something. and no, don't post them here, seek groomers on social media like discord, or just go straight to tor. you will find likeminded people, make some money, adults will give you a lot of advice etc etc, you can always just quit when u like, everyone there just quits and moves on to another places


>Rest of internet isn't as retarded or ugly or poor, everyone has friends, some kind of a job and some kind of sex at least once in a while
that's not true, i'm friendless jobless virgin, but i don't get bitter at other people because i like being alone and enjoying my hobbies unlike actual failed normalfags who seethe and seethe at the idea other people are doing the things they want to do, having sex and lots of friends. it's all projection with the seethers. actual "weirdos" couldn't give less of a shit what other people do.


>if you're not a degenerate family fucker then you must be retarded or ugly or poor
Ok Cletus.


There's nothing wrong with incest, grow up.

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>There's nothing wrong with incest, grow up.


Stfu normalfaggot


We met up again today. We had lunch and talked about stupid shit. Eventually she brought up the topic of our future together. We didn't talk about it too much but she said she wants for me to have a better living arrangement than I do now and said she wouldn't mind taking me in if things are going well between us. I told her I wasn't excited about the idea of moving but that I'd love to move in with her. She changed the subject after to about how she's cooking a lot more or something like that. Afterwards we went to her house and watched a movie. It was really nice since she got a lot closer to me than she did at the theater last time. She made sure to have a lot of fun over the fact that I can't handle scary movies well at all. She teased me a lot about that stuff but it wasn't like being bullied it actually felt really good. She teased me for saying that too. She's definitely a much better romantic than I am. Towards the end of the movie we stopped paying any attention and it was mostly her flirting and me failing to return it. Eventually she started kissing me and as you could predict I just followed her footsteps because I'm a stupid beta. In between kisses she made fun of me for being such a bad kisser. Things got hotter than that but those very embarrassing moments are going to be for me to cherish. I was honestly sad that I had to go back home this time. I'd rather have held onto her all night, but she has to wage slave in the morning. That was probably the hardest I love you I've had to say. I didn't think this stuff would happen this soon. Only a month ago I thought I was doomed to be a virgin but for this to happen with my sister especially. God damn. I think this will be the last update. No reason to keep posting them to rub my luck in your faces. I appreciate all the kind words you had for me in the last thread. They honestly helped a lot. I think I've got this now. I really hope this is my happy ending.

P.S. for the faggot running around defending incest on my behalf, I think it's disgusting that you would insinuate her and I are both children and then suggest we sell erotic videos. If you're a jailbait loving incest nigger, go preach it on some shit hole that will accept you (or better yet go find a solitary cell to spend the rest of your days in, you sick fuck).


>hurr ur this other poster i dont like
fuck off inbred retard. your appalachian iq is shining through the dirt.


>P.S. for the faggot running around defending incest on my behalf, I think it's disgusting that you would insinuate her and I are both children and then suggest we sell erotic videos. If you're a jailbait loving incest nigger, go preach it on some shit hole that will accept you
LMAO you're fucking your sister bro


>go preach it on some shit hole that will accept you is the shit hole. It's filled with bitter incels that get mad the moment someone finds love. It's sad that people get mad about your luck in the first place.


itt: incels who overdosed on doujins and think anyone who still has a grasp on reality is the real incel


I don't care about someone acting like a retard over my own incest, whether they're shitting on me or defending, anywhere near as much as I find the suggestion that I should make child porn to be disgusting.


Anyone who gets laid is the real degenerate incel

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Did this manga skip the anime and go straight to the live action adaptation this time?


Wow. OP's life is based on a degenerate manga. That's absolutely hilarious.
And thank you for posting this, I will definitely be using it for science pretty soon

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I wish my life was based on a degenerate manga... C'mon God! This life's getting boring


Same though... I wish something half as cool as what he has could come my way. Maybe with some luck a cute, young CEO will come and pick me up and support me for post work good times. Nahhhh that'll never happen.


cute thread


cute thread


This thread made me identify as incestosexual. I am exclusively attracted to family members and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore!


Can you post a pic of the anime girl who looks the most like your sister so I can fap to it OP?


burn in hell degenerate


I would, but hell is not real, so I can't. Sorry!


This thread has inspired me to go out and make love to my own sister too. Thank you for the good idea, OP.


i wish i had a cute loli imouto


Bump for incest promotion