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Is Elon Musk a NEET ally? No.15354

He apparently supports Universal Basic Income, shitposting and meme cryptocoins. I know he is also a current posterboy of the excentric capitalist archetype for some people, especially far leftists or SJWs, but I somehow feel he seems the guy from the elite who at least would understand NEETs and NEET culture very well. Other elite billonaires look more like clueless boomers. Thoughts?


He is kind of a dumbass (see his recent mistakes vis a vis twitter) but I do think he is a powerful NEETally nonetheless. Also he's not really an engineer anymore, he's just a billionaire playboy, which kinda makes him a NEET himself. It's not like he worked so hard he earned a billion dollars. He inherited a ton of his money from his dad's blood diamond company, then made most of the rest of it through paypal i.e. stealing money from technologically illiterate people. He even lives like a minimalist, another core trait of NEETs: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9759869/Elon-Musks-main-home-tiny-375-square-foot-prefabricated-rented-house-worth-just-50-000.html

So he doesn't work for a living, he shitposts all day, supports UBI, and he enjoys minimalist life. Def sounds like a NEET to me.


>if robots eliminate your job, who will pay your wage?
No one. Automation ultimately will kill everyone except those that are isolated from the free market in some way


We'll either get a Children of Men style apocalypse or we get a UBI. I'll be good either way tbh, but the way history has gone leads me to believe we'll give ourselves a UBI. Trump already ripped the band-aid off by giving us a trial UBI to save the economy from collapsing. Once gen X gets too old to work and millennials are dominant in political office, we'll likely have a UBI


Do you seriously think billionaires share their self-interests with you?


Musk is a downie retard and a joo!
He should be raped and stewed by cannibal niggers in his shithole chimpland of birth!


I mean, pretty much all tech billionaires have explicitly came out as pro-UBI. They probably just want to placate the masses so they don't lose their billions like has happened throughout history, but I'm actually cool with that solely because it would give more people the freedom to not work just like so many of us have already earned.

Only tangentially related, but billionaires are the best evidence that the whole puritan "work or die" paradigm is an unnecessary physical threat. We need to get off that silly nonsense before it leads to a total collapse.


>Only tangentially related, but billionaires are the best evidence that the whole puritan "work or die" paradigm is an unnecessary physical threat.

The argument is not really that people won’t work without the threat of starvation, but rather that no one will want to do the shitty jobs without that. Countless people dream of being a Fortune 500 CEO but no one dreams of being a grocery store cashier.


If you pay people enough, history has proven that they'll do just about anything. The shitty, albeit necessary, jobs SHOULD be paid more. A UBI forces the market to adapt, and the Law of Supply & Demand will ensure that it does.

If being a supermarket cashier is so damn important, I guess the CEO of the supermarket company will have to consider lowering his salary or automating the workforce if he wants to keep his job :)


paypal is not for technologically illiterate people, it's convenient if you dont want to share your bank account info with strange people. And it's convenient to be able to pull money from my bank account without waiting for it to clear. It's fine for what it is


Elon Musk is a retard and an asshole. He despises neets too.

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Even Zelle is better than PayPal, though I was referring to bitcoin and homebrewed Stripe payment apps. PayPal has tried to steal money from me multiple times and this has happened to most of the people I know. As a NEET, I at least have the free time to sit on the phone all day and and eventually give my money back. But it seems like a core component of PayPal's business model is steal relatively small amounts of money from people on "accident", then hope they don't have the time and energy to fix the "accident". If you haven't experienced this with PayPal yet, it's only a matter of time.


*And eventually get my money back
Jfc. Are there any imageboards that don't suck to post on with a phone?


Crypto is a tax nightmare. Crypto bros are going to get ass raped by the army of IRS agents Biden is hiring.


Seething nocoiners...
I bought some coins, sold some coins, filed my taxes, bought a place to live. Paid my taxes, whats the problem? Always nocoiners talk about taxes as if somehow all the money gained is going to disappear lol.
>d-d-don't forge taxes!!!
they say fuming while i casually inform them i made so much i had to prepay my taxes by quarters instead of yearly as is required by law. oh nooo not the tax as if i have anything against it, in non-shit countries it pays for people's school, healthcare, and neetbux which is important. autists deserve neetbux, i will financially support them indirectly.


>>d-d-don't forge taxes!!!
i missed a T, don't forget* of course. not a freudian slip, my keyboard drops keys every now and then i'm not a criminal.


When I say it's a tax nightmare I mean it's a pain to document. In the US you have to report literally every crypto transaction. Accountants don't know how to deal with it because they didn't teach it in their accounting schools and I strongly suspect most US crypto bros just wing it and hope the IRS doesn't call them out on it


And yes I do own some crypto and it was a colossal waste of time


You don't want UBI, neets are much better off under a well funded conventional welfare system, like the ones they have in western europe.


that would mean everything would be centralized under the US federal government, is that really what you want?


What's wrong with UBI? It makes more sense ethically and financially than traditional welfare systems. It's not a perfect solution, but don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good!


All you say is true. I am one of the people that Paypal successfully robbed because I lacked the time/energy to fight with them about the $26 they stole from me when they "accidentally" double charged me for a shirt. PayPal: not even once.


Stink Man can go fuck himself


he is a talking head of elite families and a child of literal monkey nigger-goldmining chad

but since he's a talking head it does cut him some slack. most of the shit like he's doing is usually hidden behind blood walls


musk has no impact on antizog people.

we don't drive cars
we don't use starlink
we will never fly to space

he's here to program us with zog shit under some new facade.


He apparently hates boring and cucked political trends and wants to restore the fun stuff. That's good for us.


Just checked his Twitter account and half of what he says is cucked political shit.


Elon's a throwback to the days when american entrepreneurs made more than just websites. I like him for that.