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i'm a 16 year old girl who spends most of her days doing everything alone and msging absolutely nobody including online "friends" that i barely even have anymore bcos i'm a retard who ghosts people a lot how do i break out of this cycle...... . . . i don't even have the energy to break out of it anymore i'm just sad i'm wasting my teenage years maladaptive daydreaming awl day and distracting myself with media ;_;


how did you even find this place.

>how do i break out of this cycle
i'm 3 years older than you and the answer is that you don't. still friendless. still doing nothing with my life. the online friends thing is easy though if you put in the slightest effort and can actually tolerate having friends.


If you crave attention so much, don't post here but instead become an e-thot streamer. Preferably a Vtuber so no one has to actually look at you. You'll even get money. Men are especially easy to manipulate during no nut November. now leave us alone


idgaf about getting attention anywhere else i just put the first part in bcos i know that's what will get people to gaf here and i'm no where near charismatic enough to be a v tuber nor am i willing to give up my dignity to appeal to the cancer that consume that shit i'd rather just be an actual e thot streamer


you're right lol i've basically been like this since i was 11 but at least i had online friends it's only this year that i've been lacking in that regard


Post tits or GTFO.




If you're sad just do something for yourself. Get a hobby you enjoy or just something you want to do and slowly put effort into it until you're having fun doing it.
Exercise is all around useful as it makes you healthier and so you don't feel like shit because your body is telling you to feel like shit. It can also help get your mind off things. Exercise doesn't mean weight lifting and you won't get mad gains unless you want to. Dumb shit like calisthenics and stretches work well enough for exercise.
If you want friends and you're actually a girl as in not FBI, a fat dude RPing, or a tranny I don't have any concrete advice as I don't know how girls work and any dudes you befriend will probably lust after you to some extent.
Just try to work to not be someone you hate and you'll at least not hate yourself.


Too old.

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People who watch 3DPD streamers are far more cancerous than people who watch Vtubers. I'll grant you we're still in the same ballpark, but at least with Vtubers you are looking at a cute 2D anime girl instead of a make-up drenched aging whore


>wasting my teenage years
know that feel, I've noticed that most of the gen z youth has this attitude towards their teenage years.. Every person in their late teens, i've ever talked to, has complained about wasting their teenage years (myself included).

>distracting myself with media
it can sound naive, but that's basically the reason for so many zoomers being depressed.. the media tends to show the idealistic view of the teenage years and early adulthood, however the reality is way more harsher and pessimistic.. don't try to romanticize the youth, don't feel guilt for "wasting" time, don't focus on "online" frens, it's just meaningless shit that leads nowhere. instead try to make contacts with people in uni/college/school (yeah, i know that your classmates are stupid, still that's the only way out). and also don't do drugs, as the "koool depressed kidzz on the internet", especially cathinones and opiates, it'll ruin your life))


imagine that shit you post is mostly read by 11-17 year olds, fake neet/fake anything techies and some random clique following whatever buzzwords


that's why cartoons are bad. even hentai. it just attracts children. buzzwords with wikipedia-style meanings attract idiots. memes attract cliques.


The best way to get rid of children is to disable all mobile useragents. 99% of them won't know how to circumvent it anyways, especially if you don't even give them an error code to guide them in the right direction. Just throw a 400 and let them think the site sucks and leave lol


some are sadly literate with computers just like we were.

i mean, we aren't their parents. and this is not a kindergarten or a phone app.

but no, no need to ban anything. this is a brice of freedom xDDDD


or maybe its time to grow up.. :(


No, most of them are absolute retards.
The ones who are literate aren't that big of an issue anyways. Block mobiles = block 90% of retards on any given website.


imagine being a grown-up male that realizes that everything on the internet is fake and most of its users are children. it's the way things have always been and should be, internet has been mostly used by the teenagers. in the modern world children mostly use the cancer called "s o c i a l m e d i a" and that is the reason for a stagnation of the imageboards and internet culture i.g. 2.5 grown-up neets are unable to preserve any niche imageboard community and if u want to return to the "good ol' days of the internet", you'd better find a way to bring teenagers back to it, or at least don't be an elitist gatekeeper for no reason, peace.


imageboard and community seems like an oxymoron


>and if u want to return to the "good ol' days of the internet", you'd better find a way to bring teenagers back to it, or at least don't be an elitist gatekeeper for no reason, peace.
lol, old internet was filled with 25+ gatekeepers, it's what made most of it so great, and still is.


you can still make it femfren


Do they not have memes and cliques in Europe? Sad


You sound like a girl I used to talk to. Don't worry so much about FOMO.


You remind me of my girlfriend.



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foids are not welcome here!
I let off a smelly brap in your direction!


Kill yourself.






too old.
also, >>16000 checked

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Are you German? Then just become my GF.
>how do i break out of this cycle
You won't because like you don't give a shit about "having friends", otherwise you would have messaged or called them.


like me I meant


Here's your reply, you attention seeking harlot. Come back in five years time when you've lost everything.