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This is you.


a little fatter and with less cringe and more pcs




Nope, I'm morbidly obese.




I miss the wizardchan minecraft server we had the littlemaidmob mod and I built a dope country home with a huge porch and I had tons of maids. Also everybody was nice. I am a woman but I didn't say I was because it was based on there. This was pre-hotwheels getting laid era


Why do women browse websites for incels or virgin males?


For the content on those sites, obviously.


Sometimes I forget women even exist


Why do men browse websites for femcels?


Why do wagies browse websites for NEETs?


why do omega neets keep tabs on normies?

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Anon respects your level of autism tbh...




Most based guy in thread


what they do affects us? are you fucken retarded?



I have about a dozen piss-filled bottles littering the floor in various shades going from murky pale yellow to inky brown, coke and energy drink cans litter the floor by my computers and I could swear the cat dug up a dead animal from the sea of detritus that obscures the floor only yesterday. I only became aware of the smell last week when someone tried to come in and clean only to stop at the door gagging, fortunately she left before she could barf because I reached for a strategically placed piss bottle and threw it at her face. It bounced off the door once she got the idea after a few seconds of autistic screeching failed to get the message through.

Fucking maids, they send us these days! Why does it always have to be niggers?


no. i'm too deprived to organize my living space like that.

with order comes zog, so its all chaos and dirt.


Have you come to fill the void left by golem fag?
He was pretty funny but calling NPCs golems isn't nearly as based and edgy as blaming the zog and joos for every single SNAFU you see!
I semi-ironically blame Jews for every single problem in the world, from 9/11 to the occasional power blackout, sometimes it is justifiably their fault, e.g. fakestream media, facebook/zucc, sometimes it isn't even humanly possible e.g. Fukushima, mt st helens, but it is still fun to blame them for even the most absurd things that fuck up your day!


There is no such thing as a femcel, stacy, even an ugly deformed 1/10 mutant with a cunt would still get fucked by a 5/10 normie out of pity.
face it soyciety is gynocentric and women are solipsistic cows.


Because they're feminist cancer whores bent on spreading misinformation about involuntary celibacy.
Like autists (even adult autists who can give the best advice and insight on the mind of a sperg), so-called experts rarely if at all go to them for a primary source, most incels are not violent, but when someone goes ER, i cannot help understanding people glorifying him to the point of canonization since he has been driven to murder due to ignorant people talking over us as a whole.
Imagine if no one listened to MLK, and niggers started to support guys like Malcolm X who were not opposed to violent self defense, the USA would probably have had a second civil war; a race war.
When you prevent people from defending themselves with words they start to defend themselves with guns. and believe me, when that happens the place you least want to be is a gun free zone, you will be completely defenseless, you're going to get shot, you're going to die, and your gonna deserve it because you went looking for problems instead of coming up with practical solutions.