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Normalfags and wageslaves obsessions No.15679

I will start: they seem pretty obsessed with showering, shaving, bathing and this "personal image" meme. If you think logically about it, this stuff probably comes from the modern wageslavery focus on looks because of the service economy, you are forced to look "good" for the clients, costumers and your boss, you can't cultivate your own aesthetics and look whatever you want if you work. Wageslaves have to "be ready" to return back to their plantation work every day.


>they seem pretty obsessed with basic hygiene
Oh no what a horrible thing.


That’s gonna be a no from me dawg


Don't tell me you wouldn't use a spa or sauna if you had access to them


looks like normalfags and wagies live rent free in your head


This world is all about appearances, not actual substance, but just appearances. They all want to climb the social ladder and you can't do that when looking like a bum so they all obsess about appearances desperate to trick someone higher up the ladder that they're like them and deserve to be their friend or employee or mating partner, and they can't associate with people that look like bums because that would break the illusion you see so you as their friend or family member must also make efforts to look nice otherwise they'll think they are bums or lower class by association, imagine the shame. And this is why I dropped out of society, crabs in a bucket trampling over eachother for the feint illusion they can be king crab


grow up retard, you will become one of "them" one day when you do


>And this is why I dropped out of society
no. that's what you made up following your own failures and overly high expectations that ultimately lead to your failures.
or ur just omega male


maybe tell us a whole story like ur dad or mum or brotha or kids outside or a friend molested you?