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NEET book. No.1575

Have you ever wanted to write a NEET book?


Which topics would you write about?


I start out as a NEET and then I get a magic ring or something and become a wizard.


i write my diary desu. most neet books are tryhard shit if the author hasn't experienced neetdom. thats why nhk is good.


I'm thinking about Substack which is a newsletter.


The book was good but I felt too far gone to truly relate I just do not feel it is a good hikikomori book at all.

OP, I have thought about writing a hikikomori book but if I do I need to accumulate more experience my life is still steadily getting worse and I am still working out my philosophy.

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>Have you ever wanted to write a NEET book?
I thought about it many times, even started writing but always ended up hating my work and deleting everything. Guess that this mindset is what's keeping me from... everything. Even worse: I know what's causing my problems but can't do shit about it anyway. Depression is a bitch and anyone telling you that the disease is perfectly treatable nowadays, is an asshole. Sorry for the rant OP.


No, I'm shit at writing. Even if I was good at it I wouldn't want to, though.


I've thought about writing a book myself, but I doubt anyone would really give a shit about it.