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markiplier chad No.15759

why are neets always such insufferable cunts? is that why they cant hold down a simple burger flipping job for more than 2 days? or is it because it's too """"""""stressful""""""?

daily reminder that 99% of society sees you as a joke
>b-but i dont care about what ppl think of me ackshually
yes u do stop coping


This place used to be comfy, what happened?


It's too stressful working with people. I am self teaching skills so that I make my own money one day though, but it would not be one where I deal with clients or retail. It would be a simple service that just works without support needed, or where support can easily be hired if need be so a secretary can deal with communication and I can just be a silent leader. I am not in formal education or working on anything right now though, I am still officially a NEET, just with some motivation.
I don't personally think I am insufferable as I try to always be polite, however if there is something like a social norm or tradition that I think is not beneficial then despite it being easy to just go along with it I usually choose not to. Some people don't like that and get upset, but I remain friendly regardless. I do believe that many of them understand where I am coming from, but simply just disagree. The ones who throw a fit at me and get legitimately angry for me not wanting to do something just because everyone else is doing it are the real cunts.
If you are asking why I don't flip burgers, that is indeed too "stressful". I could learn it, but it would be torture to do 8 hours a day.

Mean people invaded and decided that if they just post 3D pictures and nuchan memes and say that's how it has always been they can push old users out and claim an existing community as their own. Ironically they are just trying to make it 4chan but not 4chan so they ruin every community they try to subvert. They don't make their own communities because what they want is bad and they immediately don't like it if it starts out how they try to make it, but they'll still try to make every board that isn't bad more like 4chan not realizing they have a failing formula in their hands and are making themselves miserable in an endless quest to feel based to make their lives more meaningful.
or something like that.


>he cares what people think of him


>what happened?
offsite cliques


nice anime pic


>we aren't workers its u and u invaded us
in reality you will all become/remain to be fucking wagies and we will still be neets


and where does markiplier fit into any of this? other than prove op is a normalfag for posting 3d shit


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I'm a NEET for political reasons.
I don't want to contribute to an unjust society.


hahahahahaha does he make u seethe because hes a gigachad with bbc whereas youre a retarded gay faggot who will never have sex?