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why are wagecucks always such insufferable cunts? is that why they cant enjoy their weekend without antidepressants or alcohol? or is it because you're such a bottom NOT having some boss barking orders at you is too """"""""stressful""""""?

daily reminder that 99% of society is joke
>b-but i dont care about what NEETs think of me ackshually
yes u do stop coping, otherwise you wouldnt post here


well, receiving retardbux should count as waging as you still need to go places, to do shit. sometimes weekly. sometimes you go in hospital for months etc.

you are not different from wagies just retarded and spoiled by overprotecting incestous parents


>why they cant enjoy their weekend without antidepressants or alcohol?
that's literally how NEETs are, too. they are not so different from wagecucks.


fuck em yodas


>just retarded and spoiled by overprotecting incestuous parents


Based, I enjoyed life a lot more after I came of meds, since I was able to enjoy my hobbies more. masturbation also felt a lot better and contributed to my happiness. Mindfulness is also good and being a NEET gives you lots of time, most wagies complain about not having enough time for physical exercise, let alone intellectual exercise so it's no wonder they suck at independent thought!
Others noticed the difference before i came off the meds where they would bet between themselves and often lose that I would not talk about killing myself once for a day.
After I came off the meds, the game stopped being fun because they would win their bets almost every single day.
Remember folks depression is an emotional reaction to an adverse situation, not a disease to be medicated. People need action more than happy pills, and giving them happy pills while ignoring the cause of their unhappiness is more likely just give them the energy to kill themselves.
Booze and SSRIs are very effective ropefuels.
Vidya and Anime are just some of the many lifefuels we NEETs enjoy.
Cope and seethe wagies, you'll be the ones who will rope first!


alcohol os great


bottoms up!


OP here. In hindsight I wish I didn't add that bit about booze and antidepressants. Wagies can't enjoy their weekend even with drugs tbh