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Are you ready for a whole new week of the same nothingness and boredom?!


No, because I don't have to work. I truly could not imagine how much wageslaves must suffer, let alone prepare for that hell-on-earth mentally every week. Wageslaves even came up with a cute name for the stress they feel at the end of every weekend: "The Sunday Scaries."

Thank goodness I'm a NEET!


I'm on my way up. This is how I cope with it, by telling myself "I'm on my way up" and "this is only temporary".


F, brother. I hope you manage to attain NEETdom before you're too old to enjoy it.


Depressed bored loser with nothing to do but refresh the same boring dead sites all day every day.


yes, im ready to laugh at incels living with mothers, watching anime and receiving retardbux

got 1-2 spare days to do so. prepare ur anus



>attains neetdom at 15 by finishing middle school (that's all u need right)
>blah blah, i'm so enlightened, i feel like 70 year old, im sick, but full of wizdom
>fucks random whore and becomes a father
>well i guess my neetdom is over (at 16)