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ITT you tell anon about the books you are currently reading and/or give recommendations.

For this anon it's the catechism of the catholic church right now.

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Been reading this book about contemporary Japan:

The cultural parallels are pretty interesting. They really are just 15 years ahead of us culturally. Funniest fact I learned is that elder crime is now a bigger problem than youth crime, because all the rebellious youth just wanna be NEETs.

also reread Neuromancer


Japan - Getting mugged by the elderly


Rereading The Peripheral (one of William Gibson's latest books) because the show they made for it is airing right now. Gotta say, this book holds up from when I last read it 4 years ago. It has just about the best take on time travel and the apocalypse I've ever seen. The idea behind "the Jackpot" really seems like it will happen. The time travel makes some sense because physicists have managed to send single qubit of information back in time:

...and in the book, the "time travel" works by sending information through time, then using that infolink to send neural data to some sort of android (or in the case of going back in time, that info is sent to an ipad on a wheels).

I can't recommend the 2nd book in the Jackpot trilogy "Agency" to anyone who isn't already a diehard Gibson fan, but I think everyone ought to give The Peripheral a try. The book is better than the show, but the show is still decent if you're too lazy to read. The final book in the Jackpot trilogy isn't released yet.


Oh shit, we already got another Gibson fan in this thread! Based