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Did you know in Japan you have vending machines with women's dirty panties in them?


Troll or living under a rock?


I did some research to find the truth about this. When you search up "使用済み下着の自動販売機" (used underwear vending machines) online the only results are websites discussing how foreigners have misconceptions about Japan. Sites like appear. Seems like it's all myth..


Image sources also seem to be from some gaijins.


It says "Truly Bizarre!! - This vending machine has truly bizarre contents... 'used' schoolgirl panties! We had heard that such machines existed but had never seen them. A colleague came across this machine in suburban Tokyo. This particular machine is a converted cigarette machine that now takes 10,000 yen notes (about US$130 bills). The current contents run from 1000 to 3000 yen."


But theres also this




you know why there's no need for male panties?
cuz women can choose a virgin to pop his cherry relatively easily AND because its a jap he will be her slave forever.


its a damage control machine.
every man at hard is a pedophile (at least ephebophile) and a rapist.

honestly it does more damage to society than random rapists because more wealthy ppl will still rape and have all the lolis and shota.

when I think i saw most of japanese content something always pops up and there's like a thousand produced boyvids, some oldie loli video, more photos, etc. Its that bad in japan. but good for me i suppose :)


> Seems like it's all myth..
>Image sources also seem to be from some gaijins
yes yes for the glorious nippon!
we aren't rapists, we watch anime every day and are not pedophiles! also we were never nuked lol


nuclear family institute, hehe.


Yep my only friend told me about this, apparently according to him it's to keep the perverts and predators pacified, hence the popularity of lolicons.


I think they used to exist, but I'm not so sure about the "used" part.