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Are African Americans allowed to post here? What about blacks from other countries?


There is currently an anti brown filter installed on the site. We like to keep it that way.


No. Non whites make bad quality posts.


I would like an official statement from admin.


Request denied.
Reason: none needed, we're jews.
Have a nice day!




i think blacks are ok. been playing some mmo games with blacks and they aren't too different.

the reason incels hate blacks is the physique. it attracts females while incels attract nobody without money and status and thus just hate on blacks

most black hate comes from ppl with some kind of power, who are toying with incels by making them hate their neighbors instead of making their own lives better and attract a mate or at least get laid ffs

internet deteriorated becaose of endless incel hordes. a lot of incels are "neet", too. for wrong reasons. no one want to employ them, and they are severely fucked in the head for self-employment. also, incel neets like on neet.moe desire for higher office and won't settle with average job.


>most women are attracted to most blacks
false. lay off the interracial porn. dating sucks as a black guy and we have the data to back it up. pic related. even fucking prostitutes will put "no blacks" on their info pages
>most incels hate most blacks
false. not even sure where you got this stereotype. maybe you could try not being prejudiced against incels?


>Are African Americans allowed to post here?
not admin-kun, but he's into free speech, so ... sure?
>What about blacks from other countries?
See above.

What is it with that obsession with race on imageboards anyway?


>What is it with that obsession with race on imageboards anyway?
Edgelord contrarianism.


Why do you need permission? Post where you want.


Anon was like that himself once but luckily grew out of this.


Might be a normal evolutionary stage for users of image boards


I'm old. ;_;


Didn't go through that stage, so I must assume it's a normal evolutionary stage for retards.


Might be the case. Can't blame you for that one. Do you feel better now?


Not yet, kid.


Never gonna be racist, sorry man.


This is the key takeaway point. If you share your race you open up to potentially be ridiculed for it, just like any other personal traits.



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I have nothing against niggers, so long as they don't mind us saying "nigger" and don't mind joining in themselves! the more shitposting niggers we have on the internet, the better!


If you're black and still ended up here, I don't have a problem with you posting.


african american normies are the worst


Based! Of all the normies I hate, the ones I hate most are black, arab or latino.
Perhaps it's largely due to nigger rap culture that makes normal fags so cancerous
We need more negro-nerds!

naggers.net would be even more of a joke if Harlem was filled with astrophysicists and engineers.

The only normies I can stand being in the room with for more than 5 seconds are all Japanese even though they may not share my taste in how many dimensions of space the perfect women should occupy, or play vidya all day, at least they are not uncultured smooth brains like most the retards in the west who go and get stoned drunk in bars or nightclubs.


>football championship
>japan wins over nigger chads

not even our niggers are safe from japanese 9 cm bullies


there is no such thing as african american


Anime is reported being the most popular thing in Japan, again. Above manga and vidya. Making it the most nigger medium to consume.


Good choice. Karaoke and drugs are best done home where the bed is most near.


Sure. I do hope you don't mind the nigger word because you'll be seeing a lot of it, nigger.


Elon Musk is African American