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lolichan is down/offline No.15925

Muh Cunny


ok coomer


its down?
i had no idea until you told me haha because im not a lurker there haha


Now since based Elon kicked out over half of twitter’s workforce, including its jannies, it’s become a good place to find (simulated) cunny. Apparently there are also proud MAPs there now too, and there are real debates on the topic and they’re not shut down by paid janitors.


underage chan is for downie, yes


I would rape a loli baby yoda.


> it’s become a good place to find (simulated) cunny.

premier wagies lock their contents to patreon and other lesser known pay-only sites. its understandable if ur a premier-tier drawing wagie, I wouldn't settle for anything less than your own shithole where everybody licks your ass and pays for your shitty drawings.

its basically like being a cp-producer. in rare cases i know some drawies who were also into cp and demanded access to elite chats and sites on tor lol. but dayum that was liek 10 years ago.


Just use Kuz's site I guess


dlsite.com seems like a good place to find simulated cunny, even 3d stuff (!), although it’s mostly in Japanese and their genitals are censored. Is there a better site you could recommend?


>can’t post with a vpn
nigga what the fuck


yes but i would rather not do it here.
also i din't quite get what type of thing you are looking to exactly but its ok to each their own, some stay on softcore their entire life.


Did Sumwun Say CUNNY??????????????