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Any other NEET self harm?
>how often do you do it
>how do you personally harm yourself
Do you even think self harm is bad if you do not go outside or care about normalfags staring at your scars?
I get it ccan be bad but only if you are damaging yourself in ways that could lead to sickness or a loss of a limb.


i'll never get the self harm meme


It's depression.


Hi anon,
sorry you're going through this shit. I guess sometimes we have to hurt ourselves to survive. See, alcohol may kill me one day, but it saved me from killing myself many times in the past. Humans do crazy things to stay alive. It's like a chemo for the soul. - Not healthy, but life saving.

Godspeed anon!




I tried it once when i was 12 because i was a child then i realized it was fucking retarded, self destructive and didn't make me feel anything so i stopped. I played stalker soc instead and i feel awesome.
What the fuck is wrong with you cutter? aren't you embarrassed? Don't you feel shameful when someone sees you ugly ass wrists when you go out?


>What the fuck is wrong with you cutter? aren't you embarrassed? Don't you feel shameful when someone sees you ugly ass wrists when you go out?
Thank you for these kind words on a topic like this.


It's probably not the same, but I always advise people to use hot candle wax instead.


I used to bluntly hit my head when I was first refusing to go out.
I don't know why I did this or why I threw tantrums


Blunt force is.... not the helthiest choice of self harm i guess? Any after effects? long term damages? I hope not.


Drinking heavily may be the only thing that’s kept me alive as well. Godspeed anon


I used to when I was younger. It was motivated by self-loathing and the rush I felt from doing it motivated further cuts. I've stopped and haven't done so in a long time but it's not something I would recommend. I got off pretty easy but I've read that some people take it further since they're the types to slip down that slope. Though thinking about it makes me miss it just a little. It helped me cope, I suppose.

>how do you personally harm yourself
I used to just go the cutting route. I would cut on my shoulders that way nobody could see my cuts even while I was wearing short sleeves. Sometimes I would cut my forehead right below my hairline so that nobody would see the scars. That was especially exciting.

>Do you even think self harm is bad if you do not go outside or care about normalfags staring at your scars?
It's not bad because of normalscum, it's bad because it's mentally unhealthy for you. When it's the only thing that can stimulate a depressed person, I might compare it to a drug of sorts. One that you can build immunity to over time but find yourself depending on for it's sheer effectiveness.
>I get it can be bad but only if you are damaging yourself in ways that could lead to sickness or a loss of a limb.
It's easy to think that but again, it's mentally unhealthy and that can be far worse for it's long-term consequences.

I know I might come off as edgy to people who, honestly speaking, probably shouldn't even be reading a thread like this or maybe even on this site, but it's what happened and my motivations are already stated. With those in mind, again, I wouldn't recommend it at all. If it's a rush you want I like to think there are better alternatives. If you want to push yourself to pain there's always exercise. I know that sounds like something that someone who is out of touch and doesn't understand these problems would say but it's the best alternative I can think of off the top of my head, partially because I really do mean it when I warn against self-harm.

Off-topic but your admin or mod needs to be more strict about things, there are people posting here that probably shouldn't even be on this site sometimes.


admin sama wa baaaaaaaaka!


It may have worsened my mental state. My neck feels wonky too but otherwise I’m fine I guess!


I do not care if people see my scars they cover my entire body anyway and it keeps people away from me I am not one to care about normalfags anyway and I question why anyone would.

There are many better reasons to not self harm.
Nice post and it ccan be exciting to cut yourself I personally never got a high it is mainly a compulsive thing I do bt have done less and less.
I do not mind the edgy posters on the thread but I know nwdays not all people are actually ok with cyberbullying and it could push users away but seriously do not mind and respect others opinions enough not to want them silenced.

You are right it is mentally unhealthy...


Chronic cutter here. For me, yes, its definitely a coping mechanism. I started doing it basically blind and was surprised to see people didn't really get the same experience that I got from it. I saw it as a positive thing.

>how often do you do it
When I first started, I got hooked on the effect quite a bit. I used to do it every few days. In my mind I think self-harm is definitely a drug. I remember reading somewhere that self-harm creates that endorphin-adrenaline response which turns the pain into pleasure. Not sure if it's legit, but I can definitely believe it. Nowadays I only do it when I get in a really bad headspace and I need to clear my head, it's usually a once or twice a month thing. Part of my reliance on self-harm was curbed by stimulant usage, not really sure if thats better or worse. I still enjoy cutting recreationally as an almost sexual type of experience, though.

>how do you personally harm yourself
For some reason I'm really fascinated with the technical aspects of this part. It's like a hobby for me. My personal favorite is definitely still razor blades. Razors are nice because they are so thin and tiny, you don't have much torque to accidentally apply too much force. How tiny they are also makes cuts alot more precise. To even get deeper cuts like I want sometimes you would need to go over a wound multiple times in succession. To me it feels very controlled, but other people have told me different, so not sure what to think. The best part to me is after my session I like to pour Isopropyl alcohol all over my wounds. The intense pain feels like climaxing, and it puts a cherry on top of the whole experience and makes me feel good for the rest of the day. The alcohol also serves the purpose of cleaning the wounds. It also makes it scar more, which I like, but not everyone is into scarification.

Stepping outside of myself I would say its not for a majority of people. I run into alot of the pencil sharpener blade kind of people and that seems to be very common, and I just cant vouch that its a positive thing for most people especially in those situations its usually about attention/cry for help. My bpd ex did that and I can say she's definitely are not doing it for the same reasons. With her, it wasnt exactly about the act itself(she mightve even been pain averse) but wallowing in that self-pity. It's not very constructive. I don't even really associate negative feelings with cutting. When I do it, I can just sorta tune out and enjoy the throbbing wave of pleasure, clean up, and I'm in a better headspace. Again, I don't think it's gonna be like this for most people. Mental illness is definitely a factor.

Is having coping mechanisms unhealthy? Probably. Neetdom is very nice but my mental state is all over the place from a cornucopia of mental illnesses. I always feel better without fail after each session. Its a tension relief.Coping is not healthy, but I prefer it over dying. I'd prefer the lesser of two evils. I love the scars, and I don't really mind if other people see them in the slightest.

I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want to their bodies. In this case if they know what they are doing and stay away from spooky areas, I don't see a problem. People have their own ways of getting by in hard times. I have a stimulant addiction as well. Some people its alcohol, or nicotine addiction. There's many ways of self-harming that aren't necessary cutting or something. I suppose this argument isn't very strong, but still.

Unrelated, but I'm glad this place is still around. Life changes alot and coming back after a year and still seeing this place here is strangely comforting in times of neet struggle. Hope it sticks around.

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I dunno if this thread is dead but yes. I've been self harming in some way since I was 11.

>how often do you do it
Not very often, usually a few times a week at most though I sometimes go months without needing to.
I sometimes do it to bring myself back to reality when I mentally check out/feel unreal. Other times I do it to "sober" myself and prevent myself from feeling/acting upon emotions I don't prefer. Other times I do it to shut my brain up when its being too loud with self contempt or unwanted memories/flasbacks.

>how do you personally harm yourself
It has evolved very very slowly over the years: from scratching myself until i bled to biting to burning to proper cutting, and generaly blunt force along the way as well.
I don't actually cut very deeply, it's not really about how much pain but rather how quickly I can get it and how sobering it is.

>Do you even think self harm is bad if you do not go outside or care about normalfags staring at your scars?
I don't really think self harm is the worst thing in the world, honestly. It's not good and no one should hurt themselves, but to me it is the only thing that reliably works when everything else fails.
Also I only self harm in places no one can see, I was never irrational enough to cut on my arms, thankfully. I do tend to have a lot of bruises on my arms and legs, though.
I don't want to bother anyone. I don't know how anyone can do it for attention and not feel intense shame.

I wish I could stop. It's been nearly a decade. I was clean for 3 months but I blew it again.


I use to bit my fingers, sometimes it bleeds


I would claw at my neck and arms a lot, usually without thinking about it


from my understanding, some people get a drug-like rush, others just use it as a way to instantly distract from intrusive thoughts. i definitely get those kinds of thoughts sometimes where it feels like i separate into two different people, kinda like an abusive relationship with an aggressor relentlessly insulting and attacking a victim. been close to cutting in the past, but i prefer a good cry and some alcohol.



is this safe to click on?


Anon didn't click either. Looks kinda suspicious.


Every time anon eats a pizza he burns his mouth. Does that count? ;_;


I starve myself, it's not like I'm capable of eating when in this awful state of mind anyway.


>I starve myself
Please don't..!


have not cut for a week but really because too lazy and I changed my sheets finally. my sheets were all filled with blood and grosss before that LOL
starve self can be good right? better than cutting I think anyway


i'm looking for a way to cope with this crippling anxiety and depression
i like how cuts scar but it hurts and makes me feel even lower


>cope with this crippling anxiety and depression
Shortcut that will work for a short time: alcohol
Long term: take small steps you can realistically do and build self confidence little by little over a few months. Except that advice: you're better than many people. Anon believes in you.