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Vent Thread II No.16912

Post in this thread to vent about whatever you like.

kindposters/frenpillers encouraged.


>vent about whatever
>kindposters/frenpillers encouraged.
not a good combination. venting is usually meant to negatively rage about stuff.


I just mean that people can support eachother. There's nothing wrong with expressing negativity.


Well, it's just a suggestion anyway. I can't control what people post.


i'm so tired of waking up everyday and feeling that disappointment. i'm too weak for this world. always have a pit in my stomach and feel so anxious. i'm scared of being human and i always feel like i'm in pain. i feel so sick about the fact that suffering happens everyday and i can't stop it.


i want to detach from everything. let me out of this place. i don't want to be here anymore. i don't like it i don't like it i don't like it


i hate myself so much.


i'm such a fucking idiot. i keep doing stupid things over and over. i don't know what to do i don't know what to do i don't know what to do. make it stop.


why not end your life and thus your suffering?


I know that that's the rational thing to do, but I don't want to. There's still things in life I want to experience. Even though I know that I wouldn't suffer from their deprivation were I dead.


rally up ur omegas, cliquer.




Being human is about being horrible to everyone. And if you aren't, you can't fit in with humans. Let's all murder eachother. Let's all bring eachother down. Let's all hurt eachother. That's right. That's how this works. We need to make everything worse. We need to make everything bad. Nothing else is allowed. Not allowed. Not allowed. Not allowed. Not allowed. Not allowed.


Torture animals, and create sentient life without their consent, and create as much pain as possible for no reason. Logic and axioms and logic and axioms and empathy and logic and axioms nooooo monkeys let's be monkeys let's be stupid animals.


meaningless meaningless meaningless stupid make it worse


it never ends it never ends it never ends it never ends it never ends


Poor sad anons. ;_;


i hate trying to patch up this rotting body every single day just to hate myself a little less


goddamnit the annual christmas family vacation is coming
>don't like going out and normie family get mad because don't like going out
>when they do force me out, i completely hate it and normie family get mad because i'm "bringing down the mood"
there's one very simple solution to make both problems stop and that's stop fucking bringing me with you
i've started to fucking hate spain and portugal as a result of the constant holidays to it every fucking christmas




Banned from 4 chan for racism
I said Blacks are ugly
That is a fact, not plain racism
Cute blacks are rare


One sided love makes me feel like shit
But it beats being numb or angry about everything


The internets a waste of time.


One time I called someone a subhuman and got banned for racism, but I called him a subhuman because he was a retarded cunt. His race and nationality was unknown and I do not care which one he was. I think I just insulted a mod or something, complete nonsense ban.


I guess said subhuman must have been the janny/mod who banned you


Tiny thing to complain about
But I kind of miss ragecomics
I miss the old silly frogs
It's sad that feels guy pretty much became a monster now (aka "something"jaks)
So many buzzwords around the internet that make it feel more empty, it feels too much like a hivemind


Yeah, same. I'm unsure if it was ever better, but I definitely don't like the [wired] now.


>Banned from 4 chan for racism
yeah me too. I said I hate kikes