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You're not autistic. You're don't have chronic fatigue. You're just lazy. Real talk. There is no shame in being truthful. I can tell you many people claiming to be autistic on the internet are just lazy retards doing nothing but coping for their own personal failures by putting all the blame on some mental ailment.


based. I used to think I had chronic fatigue when I was a dumb teen. sometimes i wonder if im aspie or something but then I remember the irl interactions i had with literal high functioning autists and realize i'm being dramatic www they really have no clue.
oh and you forgot to mention adhd


I dislike labels of mental health disorders despite having collected a handful and honestly I do not get the point of your post as everything is fucked for me I try but clearly I must be retarded as I cnanot concentreate enough to read etc


Fuck! Gaslighted again. I bet you think you're being really profound, OP. A lot of people are actually mental, and when you put two of them together to produce a child... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peckham_Experiment#Closure

But hey, you're not being entirely honest yourself either - talking down to NEETs helps a lot of people to feel just a bit less pathetic than they really are.


I know how you feel 100%
I used to be like that. I guess I'm just tired of seeing people on imageboards talking about how autistic they are and whatnot as if that was the sole reason for their failures in life.

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I'm assuming you're trying to help and if I'm right then that's very kind of you but you need to remember who you're talking to here. If it was as easy for neets to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps at any moment then they probably would have done so already at some point sooner in their lives. It might be easy for you to say that it worked for you, for you to prove where your efforts got you, and to say that if it worked for you then it can work for others, but you're just not putting in as much thought into this as you should if actually helping anybody is truly your goal. "Just do it" is forgetting that life is complicated and has a lot of problems for people sometimes which needs a lot of solutions.
Another thing I feel is important for anybody wanting to give advice is that there is a line between helping and just venting frustrations or pretending to know someone better than they know themselves. Crossing that line requires giving constructive advice and solid solutions. If you're not going to give that, for whatever reason you may have, then you're really just stroking your own ego. Regardless of whether it's your intention it's still the outcome.
I would like to hope your heart is in the right place but you're not giving me that impression by placing blame on anons for not meeting your or society's standards. Life is complicated and harder for certain people than others. Neets tend to have very unfortunate lives with many obstacles for them to overcome before they can get wherever they want to be. Many people's lives are very different. If you want to truly help anyone over the internet then you can sit down and chat with them individually through their problems but insults help nobody but yourself and if that's your goal then you should probably leave this board and go somewhere else where you can insult people much more frequently.


A lot of people on imageboards are not playing with a full deck of cards. It's natural to be optimistic and point out the individuals who weren't held back by that because of their luck or sheer will, but overprovisioned people still underperform all the time e.g. former child prodigies. Very few people live up to their potential, and even that sperg working in Silicon Valley can barely pull it together enough to have a normal relationship.


I live in Texas and have been without power since Monday. This is fucking misery.


Wow you're such a redpilled guy, anon. Your friends must love listening to you when you go all sam-hyde-wannabe on them. Hate to break it to you anon but you're not as cool as you think you are on the internet and there's only few exceptional neets who aren't aware of their situation. We know we are just being lazy. But to overcome it is very challenging in and of itself. I've been living like this for 6 years, I know I'm just being lazy. I've lost count of how many times I have tried to fix it. You can't just say "you're being lazy go outside start lifting lol" and expect us to get motivated and fix ourselves. I hope you're just an underaged kid who doesn't know shit otherwise I'll feel really bad for you.


A lot of people lie about or exaggerate their life situation on imageboards for pity points. I used do such things and have seen it done many times. You cannot take everything they say online as the full truth. People seem to love wallowing in self-pity.
I was a neet for 6 years after graduating from High school. I was lazy fucking idiot. "Just do it" was literally what I did. Although it was also the pressure from my unsustainable lifestyle that pushed me away from neetdom. After leaving neetdom I realize that I'm not that mentally ill as I've previously thought. I'm actually quite mediocre but still somewhat normal. It was because of years of self-abuse and self-hate that made me think I'm mentally ill when in reality I'm really not.
I'm not trying to be cool. I've been browsing imageboards since 2012 and I've interacted with many neets because I was a neet as well. Many of them all liked to fully blame "autism" or "chornic fatigue" or some other mental ailment for their failures. I used to see it from their point of view and agreed with them. I've seen now another point of view and have realized that they many if not all are just obscenely lazy as was I during that time.


ok how do i stop being lazy then


Wallowing in the self-pity does not automatically make you a liar; it makes you repetitive when it comes to failure. You used to see it from their point of view because it was advantageous for you to do so. Now that you are no longer a NEET, you have forgotten what it is to be one. NEETdom is not for everyone. I've talked to very different NEETs over the years, and you don't want to ever talk to those too forthcoming with their story. You conveniently omit that many are abused and hated for years by others for not being conformist enough. Some NEETs suffer burnout upon realization that they have been poorly used as societal pawns. I would not be surprised if NEETs are more sensitive to suffering.
To be able to change, you have to not only want to but also believe that meaningful change is possible for you. So that means undoing learned helplessness. Except the effort to maintain a barely normal quality of life is not worth it to many. It doesn't matter where you start out in life, only where you end up.


The NEET lifestyle is a luxury. If your parents are sympathetic enough that they don't kick you out for being a NEET then you need to reevaluate your "depression". Your family very likely still loves you and want to see you succeed. I've met fucking homeless people who are still optimistic about their lives compared to these "I'm depressed living with my middle class family in the suburbs" NEETs. It's fucking hilarious when you realize how easy most NEETs have it in life especially if they are on government welfare and still live with their parents. I've seen NEETs write up about how to fake a mental illness in order to get Government welfare. These people aren't lazy when it comes to lying in order to get what they want.

It's hilarious when you see the "undepressed" side of NEETs. They appear to be like clever rats in their thinking. Like how can I trick the government welfare? How can I guilt-trip my parents? etc.

Start out by helping around the house. Help your parents out with the chores. Get a hobby like gardening, bicycling, and whatnot. Then try to get a job. That's basically what I did.


There's nothing wrong with tricking the goverment.


It means that you are an untrustworthy liar and whatever sob story that you've made up about your life should not be taken seriously.


yeah but fuck the goverment


guilt tripping your parents is bad though