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is the desire to rape a healthy male desire? No.17203

We all know women are naturally hypergamous, which basically means they are very likely to cheat. It doesn't matter how tall or financially successful the male in question is, women always want more. Just look at Will Smith's and his wife openly cucking him. Make no mistake. This does NOT mean that women are intrinsically evil, because they aren't choosing to behave that way. It's simply how they evolved. That's why we eliminated anti-adultery laws: it's not fair to women to ask them to suppress their primal, innate urges.

However, it's also quite clear from porn preference data that most men have a rape kink. The evo psych theory for why we're like this is even more robust than the evo psych theory for why women are hypergamous and utilize the dual mating strategy. Being high T makes you more physically aggressive, and it logically follows that in precivilization time that the men who raped the most passed their genes on the most.

Adultery was only legalized in the past century and women seem to prefer this. Perhaps it's time for true gender equality and ergo the legalization of rape.


What do you think retard?


Desire to rape a healthy male is gay


I think yes. Until anyone contradicts me, this is now the official position of this website
ah, my bad, I meant is the desire to rape females a healthy male desire. obviously having sex with men is gay, regardless of consent


If they don't want to be raped, then obviously we shouldn't rape them you stupid monkey


Who are you talking to? I didn't ask whether or not we should rape them. The FACT is that rape is as natural a desire as hypergamy/adultery. We already decriminalized hypergamy/adultery (it's even socially encouraged these days). Why SHOULDN'T we decriminalize rape? I believe in true gender equality. If you think women are above men, quit being a coward and just admit it.


i don't even care. your thread is shit and you're a faggot misogynist


Sure sure, and women shouldn't cuck their betabux bfs without his consent while practicing hypergamy. But it's still legal for them to do, and the behavior itself is indicative of being a healthy, normal female. Why do you hate men so much?


you aren't a real person. i'm sure of it


Chad doesn't have to


Is the desire to rap a healthy male desire?


OP makes an interesting point. Cuckoldry really is the male equivalent of rape.


Male dominance is widespread throughout the animal kingdom (although not universal). Presumably humans do it for whatever reasons other animals do.


Exactly, it's a completely natural urge because that's just how humans evolved, no different from the dual-mating strategy females use. I'd also add that many women seem to have a fetish for BEING raped, like, to the point where they can't even orgasm unless they're raped. Apparently women orgasming multiple times from rape is so common, knowing how to respond is included in the standard training for people working at rape crisis centers: https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/14b87hn/i_was_raped_and_i_orgasmed_multiple_times_during/

>Chad doesn't have to
I mean, technically you can't rape the willing. But rape is the only technique that can make a woman genuinely attracted to an incel. Money doesn't really work.


I realize I understood nothing about male-female relations until I learned about BDSM. Nothing.


I personally think that sex should be mostly restricted for loving life-long relationships.
I don't care about all this "evolution" bullshit and people should stop using it as an excuse to be bound by our "evolutionary" impulses like dumb animals instead of achieving something higher and more beautiful. That's what separates "niggers" from "White people".
So, I disapprove of rape, but I disapprove of promiscuity almost as much. Raping your lifelong partner over random women would be less bad, but in most cases it would just damage the relationship, so it's not advisable.


So you're okay with being cucked so long as the woman still truly loves you? I bet you could live comfortably as a NEET if you start dating an Only fans girl.


Who are you quoting?

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I was quoting >>18050 who thinks that "White people" are not bound by their evolutionary impulses such as being repulsed by cuckoldry or urge to rape. Even though I have pure English heritage going back thousands of years, I guess I'm not White because I am bound by my "evolutionary" impulse to not want to date whores.

It seems to me like if you White guys are genuinely not bound by your evolutionary impulses, it'd be a lifehack to date an OnlyFans girl and just mooch off her while being cool with her job.


Again, who are you quoting? >>18050 is not supporting cuckoldry or dating whores, if anything, it disapproves of those since they're incompatible with "loving life-long relationships".
Also, race is not only biological but also mental or spiritual. Even if you have White genes you may still be mentally and spiritually a nigger.


I realize that, although >>18050 never explicitly typed "I approve of cuckoldry", he failed to think through his position to its logical conclusion. He likely realized his mistake which is why he hasn't been in this thread since. It's okay, we all make mistakes. However, maybe >>18070 ought to stop doubling down on >>18050's behalf before you exacerbate the embarrassment.

And lmfao at the concept of "spiritual nigger". In case it's not clear, the corollary of that retarded idea is that races have no genetically mediated behavioral differences because Whites can be niggers somehow. The evidence upon which which contemporary genetic theory is based demonstrates clearly that humans are not tabula rasa.


I'm the same guy but writing in a more neutral (non-1st person) way, densefag.
Yes, ultimately genetics are the most important thing, but volatile factors are still at play. If a guy with White genes dressed like a ghetto nigger with sagging pants and spoke ebonics and ate watermelon and KFC and stole things from others, anyone sensible enough would be reluctant to call him "White", although he could later change his behavior and gain Whitehood status again. I'm just also extending this to moral values.


While transrace is slightly more coherent an idea than transgender, it is still retarded. Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm gonna assume you were trolling rather than that you're an unironic leftist who thinks a nigger acting White makes him "spiritually White."

Anyway, let's refocus back to the topic of this thread and have a serious discussion. Would the world be more equitable place if we decriminalized rape or if we recriminalized cuckoldry? I'm very libertarian so the fewer laws the better as far as I'm concerned. It's already practically impossible to prove rape in a court of law (the only evidence available is typically white woman tears) and it'd be almost as difficult to prove cuckoldry. In both cases you'd basically need to have the act recorded on video. Then again, AI has recently made all video evidence null and void as well. No one should be punished for a crime that can't be reasonably proven to have happened. It's better that 100 rapists go free than one innocent man be imprisoned.


>a nigger acting White makes him "spiritually White."
I never said this. Cases like this are near null. Pretty much the only people who're genetically non-White who can qualify as spiritually White are the Japanese.


Bro, I gave you an easy out. If a White can be a spiritual nigger the logical corollary is that a nigger can be a spiritual White. You didn't think your position all the way through and now, rather than gracefully conceding that you were mistaken, you're doubling down. I implore you to stop acting like a nigger and discuss rape instead.


>If a White can be a spiritual nigger the logical corollary is that a nigger can be a spiritual White
You got to get that logic checked, redditard. Just because descending is very easy, it doesn't mean that ascending is doable.
>and discuss rape instead
I already said my position. Promiscuity (which includes rape) is degenerate, and raping your sole partner may harm the relationship.


I get that you feel we should suppress any urge that doesn't necessarily benefit wahmen. My question is do you think having that urge in the first place is normal and healthy? It seems to me that the urge to rape is a natural consequence of having a healthy level of testosterone, not unlike the urge to punch someone who threatens you. Are there other testosterone-fueled impulses you think we should suppress?


Non-Whites are the ones who act according to their impulses and cannot comprehend morals.


It's just interesting that you want to emulate the behavior of a low-T male by suppressing your testosterone-fueled urges.


Rather a "low-T" than a nigger zombie.


it's not actually a contradiction. werner sombart explicitly makes the same point but with jews and germans.

fundamentally, the soul doesn't have an inherent race or gender, or even species, but incarnates what most corresponds to its current quality. so being born a white male is a spiritual achievement, though godless materialistfag commies would never understand that.


Get serious dude.

You're using soul as a euphemism for mind/personality/behavior. The mind is generated from the physical brain. Different races have different genes that result in different behavior.

By claiming that some people can have the brain of a black with the body of a white, you are definitionally saying that being transrace is valid. You're just as retarded as the people who think transgender is a real thing and not just mental illness.

Furthermore, a necessary corollary of the claim that some people have a nigger brain in a white body is that some white brains are in niggers. No. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger. Do some whites have an 85 IQ like that of the average nigger? Sure, you may even be an example of this yourself. But that doesn't make you a nigger.

You know, we got into this whole modern mess in the first place because we let the Jews divide us. "You're not white enough!" "Well, you- you're not spiritually white!" We need to come together and stop the purity spiraling. Diversity (in whiteness) is our strength. There are a very clear set of gene complexes only found among those with African heritage. We merely need to kick them out whenever we create the White Utopia of Neoeurope out of the remnants of the United States.


Did you know you can't rape anyone who consents? Consent is the ultimate defense against rape.




There is no crime more heinous than rape which is why consent is so important. It's pretty simple. You do not have sexual consent if she (or they):
a) explicitly says no
b) says nothing
c) weakly acquiesces
d) lacks enthusiasm
e) is inebriated (or if you're inebriated)
f) is in an emotionally vulnerable state
g) is being financially coerced into having sex by anyone (this includes by the abstract nature of Capitalism itself)
h) is unable to pass a comprehensive exam about how sex and birth control work
i) is significantly physically, mentally, or socially weaker than you i.e. there is a power differential
j) doesn't like how you look naked
k) regrets having sex with you

>feminists actually believe all this