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The Illusion Of Time No.17292

Sitting on the Sofa in my bedroom Smoking Winfield's and Drinking Alcohol. Playing BloodBorne on the PS4

Next year is going to be the beginning of New Era.

It's my last year of high school and my parents are getting divorced.

I can't focus on gaming as im dazed and day dreaming about how i could of done high school differently and thoughts swinging on polar opposites of vanishing from the face of the Earth.

Oooh I have been in so many Mental Helath Hiatus that i forgot how to communicate or connect with Humans.

High school last day as the blue and red confetti sprays and the glowing atmosphere of our last days.

Why is time so cruel?
As for the spilt second when I am half awake and splash water on my face and look in the mirror I am 24 years old.....


I'm 26


Good for you. Enjoy what litle happiness you have left.


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