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What are your plans for 2023? You'd better make a change.



>someone "shitposts" on /soy/ about bombing someplace with his nitrate fertilizer
>he actually did it and bombed central park tower, NY, killing thousands immediately and tens of thousands more in the aftermath
>the manifesto was posted and addressed to the sharty shortly before
>all major world governments, including the united states, agree by a slim vote to ban hate speech forever to prevent more from being radicalized into neonazis and harming more oppressed transwomen of color
>the sharty is one of the 50,000 websites to never be hosted again
>all files pertaining to it memoryholed, all soyjaks are deleted, and all jannies are tracked and arrested for allowing hate speech
>kuz executed for crimes against humanity (letting the central park bomber get away with it)
>meat is set to be regulated by next year due to climate concerns; insects will replace it as the main protein source
>2023 sure is going to be a great year


I can't believe the soycuks did such a heinous thing.


I'm thinking about getting a motorcycle again. Used to ride in the past, but I sold my last one in 2017.


Sounds fun. It would be a cool reunion after 6 years.


my plan is to give even less of a shit



So it's back. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a nuisance. I've been trying to quit imageboards lately, and this one in particular is especially diverting. But whatever... I suppose i'll just have to ignore it. The dead time may end up doing the place some good. Or it may change nothing. It ought not be relevant to me anyway.

I'll stop there. It's almost impossible to resist the urge to spill your brain into the abyss when you're so isolated and when you have so few external outlets, but it won't do me any good. Goodbye.
It wasn't a wholly terrible time here.

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I'm trying to overcome sins.
I no longer watch porn. I no longer eat junk-food, or drink soda, etc. I'm still trying to overcome my temper, and I've made good progress.

I'm not really planning on doing anything about my neet-situation.
I have however been preparing for homelessness, because my mother is getting very old and unhealthy. I've found where I'm going to go, and I've packed some stuff in a backpack. And I've been watching a lot of videos on basic "survival" stuff, like how to start a fire, ground insulation for sleeping, etc.

The future seems painful and depressing, and hopefully my life ends soon.