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What are your plans for 2023? You'd better make a change.



>someone "shitposts" on /soy/ about bombing someplace with his nitrate fertilizer
>he actually did it and bombed central park tower, NY, killing thousands immediately and tens of thousands more in the aftermath
>the manifesto was posted and addressed to the sharty shortly before
>all major world governments, including the united states, agree by a slim vote to ban hate speech forever to prevent more from being radicalized into neonazis and harming more oppressed transwomen of color
>the sharty is one of the 50,000 websites to never be hosted again
>all files pertaining to it memoryholed, all soyjaks are deleted, and all jannies are tracked and arrested for allowing hate speech
>kuz executed for crimes against humanity (letting the central park bomber get away with it)
>meat is set to be regulated by next year due to climate concerns; insects will replace it as the main protein source
>2023 sure is going to be a great year


I can't believe the soycuks did such a heinous thing.


I'm thinking about getting a motorcycle again. Used to ride in the past, but I sold my last one in 2017.


Sounds fun. It would be a cool reunion after 6 years.