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I'm in my 30's and have been a NEET since my early 20's. All I can say for the majority of you zoomers entering NEEThood.

PLEASE ESCAPE. Look for a way out. Make a master plan to get out of your situation. If you become a NEET like me nothing but DOOM will enter your life and you will face the harsh reality of your wrongdoing. Please make a change. Don't be like me, or like "US" for anyone else in their 30's being a NEET. It's not fucking cool. Don't glamorize it. I beg of you. Figure out a way to save yourself or else it will be too late. I've known plenty of NEET's near my age they either commit suicide or become homeless. PLEASE, DO NOT BE LIKE ME!!!! I CARE FOR YOU ZOOMER NEETS PLEASE DO SOMETHING.


I'm in my late 20s and dislike zoomers, but what he said is correct. Very few people are cut out to be permaNEET as in they would rather go homeless than work. Get on disability if you can.


Shit's not funny. I'm trying to SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!
I understand the hate. Zoomers are retarded but they're still humans. They deserve a chance, especially when they're the next gen of people controlling the world.


froggy sucky five dorrar ^__^


What should my master plan include?


sex with children


Learn a trade, get a job with it. Save up money. Even better if you're living with parents saving


The problem is that I’m morbidly obese so doing anything that requires me to be on my feet all the time feels terrible and makes me want to off myself even more than I currently want to.


As expected, the pro work ideologies have no response to this.

Many such cases.




no, ideologies was right


You can get a job and /kind/ coworkers!




>The problem is that I’m morbidly obese
I don't fucking know man I'm fat but I'm not THAT FAT. So I can't help you on that. I've never seen a or heard of a morbidly obese man being homeless. I think you're ok.


I mean I’m not super morbidly obese. I’m 6 ft and weigh 320 lbs. but it’s still hard for me to stand for long periods.


People are almost born to become long-term NEETs. Your pathetic pleas won't change anyone's life trajectory and you know it. It only boosts your ego.


I would rather die than contribute to a corrupt society. I am vehemently opposed to financing a government that systematically violates the rights and freedoms of it's citizens.


>los suicidos somos derechos y humanos.

Look bud, death is inevitable, you've got to die some day, you cannot save a life, you can prolong it, but why would you want to if you can't live the comfy NEET life. better to have 10/20 years living the dream before self-yeet than 50 or so years of wageslavery. before being too old to enjoy life to the fullest, retirement age is 68 or something ridiculous where I live, and people wonder why I'm not keen to work in an office full of disgruntled boomers who had to work more years than anticipated because of a cynical decision by a fake democracy

most hikikomori can leech as long as their caregiver lives after that it's a peaceful kodokushi that comes next and people only discover the corpse once the neighbors start to complain about the roaches. some hikikomori are already on state benefits so they can live in their sultry dungeons for as long as the state still funds them.

In some countries you can trick the dole by giving the illusion you are looking for work. many boomer NEETs do this in my country, I've heard there's this person that gets 1600€ a month from the government by telling them he's been a good boy looking for work, while a wagie gets 1300€ a month and the government steals a percentage of that sum each year in taxes.

The people who aren't cut out to be permaNEET tend to be failed normies. It takes real autism to game the system and bend it to your needs.

Besides capitalism will either be replaced with UBI or FALC. I personally don't care which side is adopted as long as liberty is preserved.

when the government's boot is on your throat, it doesn't matter weather it's a left or a right boot, just get the fucking boot off before it chokes you.