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I always find it funny when I see the "volcel monks" from wizchan call incels crabs in a bucket. By all accounts and measures it is the "volcel monks" who are the real crabs in the bucket. If you ask them for advice they will tell you to just give up. Forget about a social life just become a reclusive neet. Forget about life just commit suicide. Forget about 3D women just get a 2D woman. Just fake a mental illness and get government welfare. Ultimately, what they're saying is that you shouldn't even attempt to climb the bucket just stay here at the bottom and pretend that you are an enlightened "volcel" hermit while masturbating to your 2D girlfriend. A pit of degeneracy that has little resemblance to the actual hermits in real life.

Whereas the incels actually encourage you to climb the bucket. Of course there exists a subset with a pessimistic and nihilistic mentality like the "volcel monks". But, the most important thing about incels is that many are open to change and improvements so that they can move forward with their lives and become "normal". In my interactions with incels on the internet I've found them to be far more receptive towards self-improvement discussions and advice. The majority of incels want to better their lot in life, but the "volcel monks" wants you to remain in piss and shit with them at the bottom.

That's the real truth right there.


I think this famous post (in my image) is a bit exaggerated but every time I see it I think about how it mentions a false dichotomy surrounding normalfags which I honestly think is true.


If you can't handle serious discussions on the internet don't reply. If you don't have the brain power to discuss things then go play with your little plastic toys elsewhere. It's that simple.








>my image mentions a false dichotomy surrounding normalfags which I honestly think is true.
Could you please elaborate on what this "false dichotomy" is?
I'm much more of an /a/ & /tv/ poster than a /r9k/ & /v/ poster; so I can't think of what this "false dichotomy" would be.