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legend of the first born jap No.17633

I've heard a legend about first jap:
there was some random guy from Chukchi village. he was really retarded, degenerate, imbecilic etc. but some day he annoyed everyone, so they put him on a boat and let him die. this man arrived at an island in af ew days. he saw a monkey, raped her, and thus first japanese was born lol


Does admin care so little about this place that he'd rather let it suffer than go peacefully?

The time the board went down was pretty much a perfect time for it to go. You can only restart anew at this point.
Well, it's my fault for caring too much. I can't tell others what to do with their boards, I guess...


> You can only restart anew at this point.
but then how we get in there
I for example don't browse typical alt chans like kidsu.moe or uboa or 8chan. ppl on wizchan aged as well and won't tell about new place even if they personally engage in cliques.
damn i remember how hikikchan was born. i was still too obsessed with hikki themathic and decided to join their irc channel. dunno how i even found it. I will certainly not find new neet.moe, and if the admin like to clique with other admins and that's why it exists, then by no means, its the best solution for him to start anew.


I dunno. Will you die if you don't find it? It doesn't matter that much. For my part, i'm done with imageboards. I'd rather see the last threads connecting me to these places severed than have them linger.


шэв кферук ыуу еруь дштпукд


maybe you know, BRUTAL forum/board/chat on tor is alive? it wasn't reincarnated?


I know nothing about that. Sorry.


my ancestors :)


every consequent jap is 10% less retarded btw