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"2d only" is cringe incel and meek animu poseur behavior by the same people who were scene kids and metalheads. you can fantasize with lame, badly drawn by salary korean women who hate you, 2d pics but not with good quality 3d with rich background and a thing of actual culture which are tough to make? give me a fucking break you little shit. 2d is an easy money making cheap incel damage control fucked by lea and made by corp shit. its all literally made for children (except 18+ which is also quite bad and good titles are heavily censored and taken down by LEA) why techies love anime and 2d in the first place? Its really ez to get on top of retards and be a big shit in retarded communities.

usenet, original hosting place of good stuff on the internet is gone soon. i also think its impossible to download this shit there anymore.

so, you have to resort to private communities. those types of communities and its ppl forming some kind of cults are all reaaaally unpleasant and i don't like lurking to get what I like to have it deleted on posting for whatever reason

if you have the cheapest payment plan for your little cliquey shitboard and ur host is exxxtra SJW - not my problem. I don't think it is the truth even, its just you being a fag, which you proved by removing threads about gfs and now by silently removing pictures I like.
hot girls are hot, and if you don't like it you are a troon or an incel.
fuck you


>hot girls are hot, and if you don't like it you are a troon or an incel.

or a techie fanservicing poseur lame retards


You are an inhuman retard slave addicted to the most evil half of humanity. You will be punished when I am god-emperor over the world by having your brain lobotomized. When you are a court jester, making retarded ESL posts like this to my court of intellectual anime fans, you and your views will be laughed at like the views of flat-earthers now.


sorry champ, beta uprising is not happening any time soon


>why techies love anime and 2d in the first place? Its really ez to get on top of retards and be a big shit in retarded communities.

for the same reason techies invent and enforce incel rules on the internet. also convenience.


to just not be a loser with host or domain name taken down, you paid money for that.
you want to be a big guy. the head of just another incel chat.


its a good, quality fap and a glance at fading culture.
and you are retarded incel or larping motherfucker who wants to be on top of retards.

there's like 1 chan on tor which I really want to troll. I know for a fact that its admin is a fucking virgin retard. but I can't troll it because of the strict rules. but it really just a retard who amassed some underage under his belt. and is now prohibiting trolling and spam and cp on tor. on anon imageboard. but he's just a virgin webdev who's training with some framework to earn more money lol


You really need to get a life.


i earn approx 2-3k usd per month, have multiple hobbies and had gfs (and some other experience)

you should really stop trying to milk some underage


its honorable to not let retards and underage fall into some techie virgin hands.

if you don't like it - ban me, maybe I'll go away

deleting pics and threads won't really work.


I mean trolling this one virgin is really a step backwards. I already trolled him on multiple occasions where he isn't admin. Coming to try to distrupt his incel/underage flock is honorable but I will either get banned/deleted too fast or those retards he farms will support him anyway. Its lose/lose situation.

I'll just stick to memories of trolling his virgin ass.


do you think I should troll him or just forget about him bro


okay no biggie bruh go with christ


The beta uprising is happening in one year when Trump becomes president and gives all truecels a fiefdom of their own.


You don't know me and don't understand me. I am a purer and superior human being to you, and your stock should be executed.


sure bro ur the best and the purest incel of the bunch


it ends exactly where it starts - there's still no women willing to fuck these incels. maybe for shelter/house/apps yeah that happens but humble incel path is the best for that. >be a virgin >learn framework >get some ego boost from underage and retards >lure a whore to live with you for shelter from her insane family
happens all the time


Stop acting like you're so above it all and don't care. You responded to my post within a minute, you made multiple spam threads on a near-dead chan, why now pretend as if you actually think that this discussion is pointless?


like i said others are worse/same or I'm banned there/not willing to bother to get banned

i can respond within seconds


>you made multiple spam threads

fuck off underage you don't know what spam or wipe is

there are literally boards that are older than you are that were wiped constantly and still had OC and anonymity.

go press report on some more images with tits you dumbfuck underage incel


you are literally getting farmed by some lame techie


with boosted ego


No, it actually ends when someone -- a great man, and intelligent man, one who will be rewarded greatly in life and beyond -- creates genetic modification devices that can make women who aren't insane retards. Immediately following this, all real (inferior) women will be terminated via automated drone strike. You don't understand this, you have no vision, no soul, no humanity -- this is why you cling to this retarded gynocracy, pretend as if women aren't monsters. You shouldn't exist, and you won't when I am in power.


You are clearly a sub-Equatorial whose life has equal meaning to any pet dog. I hope that the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation is real and you do great deeds in life, so that in the future you will finally know what it feels to be human.


reality is jews are making woman ever more powerful each day, you will get your brain chipped you dumb incel monkey, just to make sure you won't reproduce with a whore.

at least i'll die knowing I had a pussy and even an abortion. you will simp up or die an incel virgin.


The pretense of Jewish overlordism is failing, as they are being speared with their own swords of "Woke". A nigger president of an African country will send a nuclear bomb into Israel due to his Islamic fundamentalist values and it will wipe out the cockroach race's influence over humanity forever. Meanwhile, anti-immigration sentiments will influence white people into radicalizing into our guys and setting off the chain of events I describe above. You only believe what you believe because you are a soulless husk of a man broken by gynocracy into cucking and having sex with a vapid whore. I would pity you but you are so inferior to me I don't feel anything at all.


subhuman roaches fight in their favela lol


your larp is influenced
wh 40k is fucking cringe, wh fantasy is barely decent, its one of the more OG Silmarillion tolkien copies and is only good if you can't read
tolkien is OG incel tier, on the same level as lovecraft. the most insane incels i encountered were under its influences lol.

yeah i get it wh40k is also a popular medium among incels since forever but its fucking cringe man, and its relatively new. and no one plays it anyway until recently.

hi wizreddit incel




ur living amongst "diverse" shit and taking your incel frustrations on the internet because you can't do shit about ur surroundings. you will never say nigger to a nigger, you have no guts and a micropenis


>The pretense of Jewish overlordism is failing
really? they aren't afraid to lose money just to get you fucked, its them who owns everything you know anyway. and money worth much less than the livestock.


>The pretense of Jewish overlordism is failing
will you feel better about yourself if there are non-jewish powerful families mixed in

it changes fucking nothing


Out the crack pipe down bro


could it be that the site have different ownership? its passed down to the next smallboard incel in line and anything porn-related is cleared like cliques clean their db before sharing or for archive purposes
happened before, could be the case.


wouldn't bet on it though, ego trip is likely the main reason. out of 5 people coming 3 are from wizreddit who know about this board from inner circles.


lost some friends to that shit last year. literally just 2 fucking weeks of that non stop and u drop dead.
not exactly crack but similar synthetic substances. tried it myself but i'm too smart to get addicted :) but its surely hella fun mostly because people doing it with you are fun when fucked up.


It's pretty obvious you're in a near constant state of paranoia/psychosis.

It's true though, doing drugs with other high people is fun.