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make up your mind bro. Do you actually feel sorry for women or hate them for not wanting you in their bed? or its just a larp to attract retards?

some of the photobook pictures were not nude, maybe a little bondage, and yet all of them are deleted by admin. no hosting in the world would care for sfw japanese woman pic and most would not care if its nfsw. why let it be for months and then suddenly silently delete it? Who asked for it? or maybe you think i'm gone lol? Nope bruh, in fact i'm the only one who still posts here.

is it just fox grapes or fanservice for actual retards? its so fucking baffling


i remember all of them and will just repost them.

what was the point of removing it

what was the point of removing the thread about gf



lol right before the shutdown he even deleted some posts right after replying to it

because he felt his reply was not cool enough or something


just because other retard boards are worse doesn't mean this one will prosper this time around

if you are only a little bit better than some fags on zzzchan or 8ch or wizreddit, doesn't mean ur shit is good bruh


I hate all women and want them to die for not being good people and not loving me. It's good that admin banned your faggot 3D pornography, he should continue by banning you and leaking your IP so I can come to your house and kill you.


it wasn't pornography, it was classy photobooks.
also it got subtly cleaned while board was in downtime, most likely due to its archive and db being shared between fellow incels.
you are also an incel. there's just too many of you around here leaking from small board cliques here and there.


go hate on ur mom IRL you pathetic piece of shit.


>and not loving me.
maybe some loved you for a brief period. They just can't express it and are afraid of sucksiety looking down on them and ruining their life because they loved a loser.


its surely more complicated than just not liking you at least. But not for incel. your hate isn't complicated at all, you don't like what you can't get and that's really it, always


pitcure too problematic for wizredditor


bring tp for my bunghole retard