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what traits do you think makes a girl most likely to cheat? No.17792

fellow not AIs, please share your algorithm for determining the correct response to this question with at least as much autistic detail as mine. here is my algorithm:

50% attractiveness. this obviously is the most important by far because guys wanting to fuck them in the first place is half the equation. for each point out of the 10 point scale you can simply add a 5%

30% whether or not they were raised by a single/feminist mother. if they can't see themselves as a woman who does whatever she wants in the first place, she is significantly less likely to cheat

10% impulsiveness. this has a genetic component, so it can kind of blend with the previous trait but not necessarily because an impulsive girl without divorced parents will be much better at not cheating. unless she does hard drugs right in front of you the first time you meet her, it's hard to discern. you can typically only figure this out by asking how other people describe her and your own evaluation of her over time

5% whether or not the she makes more than the guy. it's perfectly socially acceptable in most of the western world for a woman to cheat on a man who doesn't work. this is blatant discrimination against NEETs and I for one am used to it

3% submissiveness. some women are super-easy to pressure into doing things because it's like a sexual kink or something. well, I guess it could just be how into weird sex stuff they are generally. like, girls in the BDSM community are generally far more likely to cheat than prudes. my F goes out to anyone who isn't black who discovered their gf was into blacked porn

2% intelligence. some girls are literally too dumb to do anything so they have to be obedient just to survive, and when they're midwits they're more machiavellian


being in a relationship with op


correct. as I said, 5% of the algorithm is whether or not she makes more than the man in my case, I'm a NEET, so she'd definitely have that entire 5% added to her "likelihood to cheat" probability


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