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Should any cartoons be illegal? No.17837

Just learned that loli hentai is illegal in most of the US the other day and no one has been able to give me a single good reason why. The only reason CP is illegal is that it requires the harming of children. Loli hentai not only harms no one (in fact it's more ethical than any live-action porn) it actually PREVENTS pedos from going after kids.

People get so retarded about all things sex-related.


New Yorkbros, we can't stop winning




CSAM, not "CP",
Loli is CP, Child Sex Abuse Material is CSAM.


But there are no children involved in the production of loli cartoons, so calling it CSAM or CP tbh doesn't make any sense.


Hahahaha that's a nice "FREEDOM" country you have, bud.
Anyway, no, I don't think any drawings should be illegal, that's just backwards.
And as much as I dislike real p**os, I don't think the "real deal" should be illegal either (or the laws have to be changed a bit) because it just fucks over obscure imageboards and the like, which can be taken down by spamming them with it.


moralfag christians and feminists, that's why. there's no actual good reason because they don't have one. they don't care about logic. they just wanna impose their fundamentally irrational views on everyone else.


The population of California and New York is probably larger than your country


I'm talking about muttmerica as a whole, not about specific cities.


Yeah, people always get too triggered to think about this topic rationally. It's extremely retarded to have laws that enable anyone to land you in prison by saving a picture to storage media you own. But all people hear when you say the laws on CP need to change is you wanna rape kids.

I think it'd make sense to treat it like some places treat hard drugs: possession is decriminalized but sale and manufacture are still illegal.


Loli should be decriminalized for all, however, geuine CP is inhuman and disguting and ought to be suppressed.