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I am hoping to apply for neetbux soon but ive always been too depressed to make an appointment to get all my issues recorded.. how much do you need documented to be accepted? I dont think i can handle going to court because theyd probably make me remove my mask and hoodie and gloves


idk but I do know that these days it's more important to be trans or black than a mentally disabled white guy. maybe lie about being a trans mexican or something?


I am, unfortunately, a tranny



Where are you located, anon? Laws vary by country/state and without that information it's hard to help you.


Im in the U.S. but I'm pretty sure it's a federal thing here, im hoping other neets can share what they had to do i guess..


Some states are probably more generous




Do you even know what welfare is? Retard


Get commited and ask them for a social worker, get in contact with a social worker they can help you get the process started. Going to ward is optional but it helps getting stuff on record


Im too low on motivation to get myself commited or to try and kms.. cant i ask some psychologist about it or something or do i need to get commited for it to work out


You can try it without the trip to ward but being commited will help speed up the process, they will have stuff on your record afterwards and if you get lucky and pester them enough, maybe they can help you get going with a social worker. Then find out your diagnosis and go from there. Social worker can help you with a lot of this but I have no idea how to find one, got mine thru psych ward visit


Dude you don't have to do all that. Yo only need enough willpower to start the application process and say you have gender dysphoria and are a quarter native American. It doesn't matter if you lie because they can't legally make you prove either.

I actually conducted this experiment myself cause I could afford to not need the welfare. I applied as Native American, Asian, and White on three separate years. They gave it to me without an in person interview when I said I was native American, I got it after lying through an interview as an Asian, and I was denied after failing the interview as a White. The truth is I'm White but I look ethnically ambiguous and they'll never ask you for your "breeding papers" anyway.

Look into selling your plasma it's mostly how I get by now. Fuck work. Btw you aren't mentally broken because you refuse to subject yourself to being some middle manager's bitch. Trying to avoid work means you're a mentally healthy man. We literally wouldn't have civilization if not for the innate male desire to avoid work, whether through developing technology or enslaving others to execute our plans. Women on the other hand are more than happy to submit to a boss.


I am also like the palest person imaginable, I have lighter skin than almost like everyone i meet. I could probably say im hispanic (because i am technically) but im probably going to get my stuff documented so i have a better chance than that. I don't really like the idea of working, but im also just doing it because im not really capable of working right now either. I hope to one day be someone's housewife so that all my efforts can go towards making my husband happy rather than some company i dont care about..


Why not aim to be a househusband? Just aim for girls who are kinda fat. That's what black guys do and it works out great for them. That way all you have to do is fuck, instead of take care of the house.


im not into women at all


Are you single? Can we chat over email?


Im single but im too lazy to set up an email thing to email people with, i would not be a good partner anyway sorry, my brain is too messed up for any of that stuff


I'm messed up too lol


it's not too good for messed up people to get close to each other


Not even to plot WORLD DOMINATION together? ;_;


i dont have enough energy for world domination i just want to sit at home all day..


~sends u energy~


but seriously anon i am a man and i will not be dating you


ya is cool


it's hard to resist talking to people though, no one even really posts here anymore.. and this is the only place i post


I used to be friends with a tranny online years ago, or I was certain was a tranny, maybe my tranny-radar isn't as sensitive as I think. I wonder if said tranny is still alive.


If you were certain you were probably right anon, being a tranny is not a fate id wish on anyone at all


I like talking to people sometimes but need to take breaks and recharge from time to time. There are not a lot of good places left to post anymore. Find myself going online less and less


I dont even know what kind of psychologist or doctor to talk to to start documenting stuff.. they make this really difficult..