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Who Here Hates Women No.18172

I do, but what about you?


I don't hate women, I fear them.

My cousin-in-law killed himself after learning my cousin cheated on him. They were married, had two kids, had plenty of money, and just got a mortgage on a house. At least he had great life insurance!

My oldest friend was all excited to move in with his fiance, when she suddenly started fucking her heroin dealer who convinced her to break it off. Six months later when he was about to get into grad school, she made a big public lawsuit falsely accusing him of rape. He beat it, but only because his dad is a wealthy politician.

The last time I dated a woman wasn't quite as bad as all that, but she did manipulate me with pussy into losing touch with all my friends. Before I met her, I had a massive social circle that intersected with many disparate groups. She changed me for the worse in so many ways. Before I met her, I had never actually cried from sadness before. Before I met her, I never doubted myself. Before I met her, I was less cynical; I was optimistic for the future. It feels like dating that bitch 15 years ago (before Tinder was released, and global hypergamy exploded) was when my life went awry.

This is to say nothing of all the men who threw their lives away for a woman who didn't give a shit about them. Or the men who thought having money guaranteed affection only to be divorce-raped. There's the constant nagging, the worrying, the crying, the constant feminine energy in your life, rubs off on you, it wears you down. Women gain energy from a masculine presence. No one ever told me that the other side of that thermodynamic equation is men losing energy from a feminine presence.

Women are like spiders. They can be interesting to look at. They may befriend you if you give them gifts. I suppose you can even put your penis inside them by force if you really want to. But at the end of the day you're better off staying away from them because they're extremely dangerous. Sociopathy is a feminine trait after all.


I don't hate women, but, i don't give a shit about them neither.


I was the one who made the thread. I am glad you see things my way. Women are nothing more than manipulative animalisitc whores, and anyone who says otherwise is a degenerate foid worshiper


I only hate women ironically.
Imagine letting a whore have the last laugh.
>Sociopathy is a feminine trait
Now you're shitting me.




Nah, sociopathy is clearly a feminine trait. It's women who can more quickly move on after a breakup. It's women who evolved an innate ability to lie effectively rather than hit things. It's women who typically struggle to work together as a team. It's women who can cry on demand. It's women who commit the vast majority of infanticide.

Go down the checklist for ASPD symptoms and you'll see what I mean. The only sociopathic traits they don't typically have are aggression and a criminal record. If you are personally offended because you suspect you are a sociopath, sorry. I advise you start reframing sociopathy to being feminine before you inadvertently embarrass yourself.


My Girlfriend was pretty great. I just she would destroy me if I committed to her in a marriage via Divorce.


men are faggots, so i hate them more