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Will image boards ever be good again? No.18206

4chan was good until 2014 when it started attracting a critical mass of normies and glowies. 8chan was great until 2018 when it was shut down. Maybe 420chan was sufficiently big and good for enough years that we can throw it on this list too.

There was this sweet spot of notoriety where these classic imageboards had an impact on the zeitgeist but no one outside the community was aware of it. Really made it feel like secret club. EVERY viewpoint could be found there, trolling or otherwise, because moderation was way less aggressive. Memes and various campaigns used to originate on image boards.

I think the main problem is the userbase. These image boards really hit their stride during the Great Recession. They were a great way to have interesting discussions or just have fun with strangers. Effortposters either got jobs which made them less likely to effortpost, plus so much of the research for esoteric topics is just stolen from YouTube vids now. Before it was the poster actually doing the research rather than just parroting whatever their favorite influencer did. Probably a lot of the more interesting posters became influencers or shifted their craft to less anonymous social media. One thing I'm not sure about is maybe people don't like the imageboard format anymore. Some people switched to discord or telegram groups or twitter.

In this bygone era I'm talking about, you could get dopamine hits from replies pretty quickly, and if not thered at least be something else new to check out. There was a lot of esoteric knowledge most easily accessible there. Now people would rather use more modern social media, but I way prefer this format.

I keep coming back to this site, in the hopes that I can have a non -shit social media again, but maybe it's time to be a little more reasonable.


I've never really been clear on whether imageboard use is declining or increasing. Are there reliable stats anywhere? My own online social experience used to center on irc from the mid 2000s until the mid 2010s, when I switched to imageboards. The change from pseudo anonymous chat to truly anonymous posting changed things - I know longer had to pretend I wasn't a total failure, and could start talking about what my life was actually like.


Imageboards are home, only place online where I feel comfortable.


I don't know exactly how to acquire the hard data, but the vibe I get is activity on the only big English imageboard (4chan) has been declining because people keep making altchans and normies keep going to 4chan which further drives people away. Drove me away to here at least. Actually I was 420chan guy for the most part, though really that succumbed to TDS in 2015. I'm curious: why can't you pretend to be anything you want in a pseudonymous community? Couldn't you just change your IP? Technically you also had to do that on 4chan to be totally anonymous.
Same. Wish I had any idea of how to increase the popularity of


its kind of hard to find a comfy altchan that doesnt get shut down, this site used to have more posters before the owner took it down for a while.. its hard to talk about things you like on boards like 4chan, threads archive in a few hours on any not super slow board and the only way to get replies really is to tailor your post to be as eye catching as possible, it feels like imageboards nowadays have become just as bad as normal social media since all anyone posts is ragebait. I used to post on a 2chen knockoff before it went offline recently, it was comfy and pretty active but it was more an anonymous chatroom than an imageboard..


Yuck. What flavor of brain-damaged libtard are you?






quit freakin out at the guy because he posted on like 420chan of all places, i dont smoke weed but its really not that big a deal


anon just keeps coming back to post cirnos. people love that cause cirno is awesome (and really strong).


we love cirno!


420chan was an abysmally bad imageboard, and they always brought libtard talking points and anti-White rhetoric into it. I guess losing braincells from drugs causes that? You are bad and should feel bad


I liked 420chan back in the day, but I agree with you


I'm the guy you're replying to who used 420chan and I'm a Trump-supporter. That's pretty much why I stopped using it too. I'm telling you man, it was the best chan before 2015. People high on anything other than opiates are more likely to make interesting threads.

Still can't believe Trump pretty much federally legalized delta-9-THC in 2018 and nobody talks about it...


I kept an open mind in my youth and considered many different worldviews and talking points, and read extensively about different religions, political systems, etc. -- Hitler was right about literally everything and drug use is just a colossal waste of time and braincells

Remember the story of the guy addicted to huffing his airhorn? LOL


Lol hell yeah dude, BWOMMMMP! Of course, unlike jenkem it doesn't really get you high. I miss those halcyon trolling days... Now all the big trolling campaigns are explicitly ideological. Even the small localized trolling projects usually have a motivation other than lulz. I'm so fucking sick of this culture war permeating modern life. We just need to rip off the bandaid and get WWIII/Civil War 2.0 over with


I'm ready for the great culling too, anon. Soon..