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board addition suggestion thread No.18317

Maybe we can make this place more active if we encourage discussion of other topics by adding dedicated boards for them. I'm not the admin btw. What would you want to discuss? My suggestions:

Females) not in a porn way, just to be openly misogynistic, complain about dealing with them, strategize how to combat feminism, etc
Politics) tbh I personally don't want this but it'd still guarantee more activity this year
Degeneracy) drugs, piracy, pornography discussion
Christianity) just to see the cross-pollination with degeneracy




these are all terrible ideas


Any specific issues with my suggestions? Or is that just some twisted imageboard display of affection


Why not instead embrace the coziness of a slow board?


>just some twisted imageboard display of affection

Yes. Anon just appreciated your effort. Welcome to the party! How did you find your way to neet.moe?


its like adding 4 containment boards


There's slow and then there's dead. I'd like to see at least 15 posts/day sitewide. Today there was 1


You need to slow down man.


id rather 1 decent slow post than 15 borderline spam posts about politics or women to be honest..


We'd get more boring or cringe posts, sure, but we'd also get more interesting or high-effort posts. And I definitely don't think most of the posts on here are good enough to make up for the low activity. It's just a low activity imageboard; it's not like everyone here is a stoic genius who carefully chooses his words.

It's not anyone's fault. I'm less active on here too because I assume there won't be anyone else here. If we kickstarted the post rate by shaking things up, it could create a delicious cycle once there are more daily users.

You guys don't like my suggestions, nor can you offer any tangible criticism of them. No one has even offered alternative suggestions... which necessarily means my board ideas are the best suggestions so far. Like I said, I personally don't want a politics either and I'll even go so far as to concede that I can see the problems with both christianity and females. But I really think a degen board would be a great addition. NEET or not, everyone engages in some degree of degeneracy.


>it's not like everyone here is a stoic genius who carefully chooses his words
It's not? ;__;


Maybe you want to fix something that isn't broken. Maybe people enjoy the board as is BECAUSE it's quiet. I firmly believe you are able to accept that others have opinions that aren't the same than yours. Your will to improve the board sure is a positive thing and i believe you like neet.moe. otherwise you wouldn't spend the time and effort and i appreciate it. What i want to say is that it would change this place in a way that other users might not enjoy as much as you would and therefore the feedback you got in this thread is the way it is. Maybe we can use this thread for a more open meta discussion, maybe even admin-sama wants to join in. But it would jzst as okay if there isn't any exchange and the thread dies. It would tell me that nobody sees a need for any measures to "improve" this chan. Either way, hooe you have a nice day!


I do think with just a bit more activity people would probably check here more often.. i do like that neet.moe doesnt have a porn board though, its very comfy.. i worry we'll just get shut down one day, like all the imageboards i loved, out of the blue and with people still posting. I like neet.moe, i just dont like change very much..


You are Cirnofag I presume? In any case you're right. I don't really care about adding boards, I just want neet.moe to flourish. There clearly isn't any will to add boards, so feel free to use this thread as meta-discussion for how to improve it.

I do disagree that this is merely a "slow" imageboard. It's not, like, a slow-paced cozy village. It's like a dead mining town.


>I do disagree that this is merely a "slow" imageboard. It's not, like, a slow-paced cozy village. It's like a dead mining town.

Your own thread proves you wrong.


I do think it's odd we still have that Japanese board as one of the 5 boards here. If the admin does add a board he ought to delete that one. Japanese is great and all but no one ever posts there other than the occasional CP shill.


Id like to learn japanese one day, its just so hard to get motivation for things as a neet, i wanna try and learn to draw as well but its all so daunting..


Japanese is definitely much easier to learn than drawing. After all, language learning is a part of our brains and we all learned our languages as babies/toddlers before we could even go to the toilet by ourselves. And unlike what the shills and pop-scientists say, it's EASIER to learn a language as an adult (if you're not a senile oldfag).
I'm currently learning Japanese and I'm interested in learning to draw too. I think that the former can help with the latter because I can imagine there being lots of resources for learning to draw in Japanese if you want to draw in an anime/moe style.


I think what a lot of people forget is that we just learn stuff when we're a kid in a much different environment. Like it takes kids ages to get good at their first language and thats one of the only things theyre really doing. And plenty of those kids who start learning super super early in school drop out of programs and just forget the language, and those programs take a really long time too. I think as adults we just have a lot less time to learn and without native speakers to pick up on things from its less of an unconscious thing. You might be right about it being good to learn japanese for drawing, but i can barely manage to get out of bed these days, much less start learning japanese.. if i focused on both i dont think id ever be able to do it.