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if a tree falls in the forest it does make a sound No.18390

Qualia is bullshit, consciousness is an illusion, there is only phenomena. Sound is a phenomenon experienced by some humans in some way. Not everyone can hear the sound of a whistle if they're far away, can't perceive the frequency, have bad ears, are unconscious, etc, but that doesn't mean the sound didn't occur.

Think about it this way: red light is still red even if it was outside of the range of perception for all living perceivers. And if the light is outside of the range of perception for ALL theoretical perceivers i.e. it can't be measured? It does not exist. QED bitches


Qualia and consciousness do undeniably exist (unless you're an actual bot NPC) but they're not mutually exclusive with objective phenomena existing...


The burden of proof is on you for your claim that qualia isn't an illusion. No, you cannot use an argument that relies on me trusting how you feel. You can call me an NPC all you like, but that's not an argument nor is it evidence. There are only phenomena and neurochemical information patterns. If your brain is gone, so are you. Qualia necessitates an extra-dimensional perceiver and there's no evidence for that either.

Do I need to blackpill/whitepill you on free will and nihilism too?


My blackpill is that you're a fart-sniffing faggot and no one cares about your backward theories.


I didn't think you were capable of challenging my argument. Looks like I was right yet again!

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Whoa, you're so right anon, yes it's all chemicals and nothing matters... Do you want a cookie or a balloon?


Maybe it's obvious to you and me, but most people still are afraid to accept this reality. Yes, I would like a cookie for trying to evangelize reality.