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lets advertise this place No.1851

I have no friends and do not talk online to anyone but can we try advertise this palce to people who would fit in? I have a feeling it could become a nice semi active place.




we could benefit from having at least 10 posts daily instead of it being this slow.




Seriously OP, the more you try to advertise this place the more it'll become shit. It's sad but true. Let the people who genuinely seek it out find it. It's not impossible to come across this website for people who lurk hard enough. Especially those who "rabbit hole" around other IBs.


You want to ruin this place all because of your lack of friends.


No fuck off faggot KYS.


well I guess i am stupid for trying to get the wizard refuges to post here


Kill yourself




why are you so mean anon?

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Would be nice to have some more topics, but it'd probably end up like the neet and hiki groups on reddit, where it's either kids or people that have jobs. There's nothing romantic about this kind of life, but golems can't understand that.

Anyways, I like it when people post random topics, like the mbti one. That was fun. I looked at some of the other stuff about it, and it led to a lot of interesting stuff.


You already have roasties, a fag/tranny, and normalniggers here. Do you want to make that worse? Inviting people would do just that and admin would do nothing to gatekeep the place.


Normies own the internet. Nowhere is safe.


A key insight I've found is those that use the word 'normie' are surprisingly normie themselves

In fact, use of any common lingo like roastie, tranny, normalniggers: this is the sign of a neurotypical mind that can't stand the dynamics demanded of relationships but secretly hopes for them, and hopes to find a hearth in hatred as substitute


Normaloid cope


hahahah! g-gotta come up with a new word
f-fricken normaloid!!



Sad, and true. Gatekeeping would help, but not really clear where to draw the line. Ban all roasties and anyone that has a job?


What exactly do you hope to accomplish?
If all you're hoping for is to read some interesting thoughts, wouldn't a book suffice?


No interaction normalfags or sex-havers


with *


Why do you want interaction with the inverse set?
Why do you interact at all?
I interact because I am waiting inbetween bits of inspiration to get my life together.
I don't have this delusion that coming here is to my benefit, or talking to people is either
I'm just being a waste of space at the moment, and that's all there is to it.
Imageboards are built to waste time, to fling shit at one another.
There's little else to it


I discredit people as soon as I see them use retard lingo. It's a good indicator that they've been socialized, and no longer have any individuality.


Normaloid is not new, it's just not very common. It's a better version of NPC because NPC went mainstream and now only retarded normaloids on mainchan and twitter call other people NPC simply for disagreeing with them.
You're not wrong that the people who just sit online and spam nigger 24/7 to fit in tend to be failed normalfags themselves. Normie is extremely common across all normalfag social media, instagram, twitter, reddit, 4chan. It's a mainstream word and is no better than a socially acceptable version than normalfag or normalnigger at this point.

I said normaloid cope as tongue in cheek humor, but given your reaction it might actually have been spot on.


Do you choose your vocabulary based on how common it is?


I found it funny! Had a hard time telling it was tongue in cheek because it was a 1-for-1 to the usual buzzword riddled brain.
"Cope" is generally my filter word, and there was no indication of it being anything different!

Insults that actually hurt are great opportunity to understand oneself
Call me a little despicable carbon copy shit-for-brains verminoid, I welcome it!

By extension, I see nothing wrong with carefully choosing your language - for your language is your world. It does indicate what the person tends to. Right now requires a distinction between the elect and the normsters (or is there? is what I'll whisper :) )

Good day neatles!


Only certain words that grow annoying on me.
I can only witness a normaloid call someone a normie so many times before I start disliking the word itself for being so hopelessly ironic.
I think it's a good thing to replace such words with new ones to avoid becoming a blur with the rest of the world. Picking the words I use by my own tastes rather than how likely someone is to understand what I mean is one of the few things that give my pathetic hikki life a resemblance of individuality.


Well, I do see where you're coming from... The thing is that I feel like there isn't a single word that normies haven't tainted, so in that sense, every word annoys me. But some do more than others, and I try to avoid those. But overall, I just use what's easier, or what sounds best, or what comes most naturally. And even some words that have been tainted, I use anyway, because I don't want to let myself be limited and defined by the actions of others.

Anon, do you ever make up your own words? I like to do that sometimes and sprinkle them into things I say without caring that nobody understands them.


>Do you choose your vocabulary based on how common it is?



This place was more chill two years ago.


Yeah, even last year it was a little better


This place is for antisocial people. Nobody want to fit in except lost sheep.


>can we try advertise this palce
so that normies can come in and ruin the fun for the last few REAL NEETs left in here? sound like an 200IQ plan, really apprecciated karen


They already did, clearly


This place was never that great, but it kinda feels like it's getting worse. Even most of the replies here suck.

The eternal search for an online community that doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out continues.


thinking about it, it might be a good idea to look for places that aren't imageboards. the problem with ibs is that most of them have a link to 4chan in a way, in that they share alot of the same culture. but 4chan is a very normie website, so it leads to all the normie stuff from 4chan leaking into other imageboards. maybe i should look for places different from that


Advertising this place will certainly bring undesirables. I'm more concerned about /r9k/ and /pol/ vermin than I am about normalfags which are honestly harmless enough except for the fact they wouldn't fit on here.


"Hey jimmy you should really take a shower"
"Shower? Are you stupid? Calling it a shower for the sake of convenience and simplicity reflects your lack of intelligence and tells me you can't see the fine nuances between hygiene appliances"
"How else would you call getting sprayed with water by a piece of pipe made to spray water, and that has been optimized in every way to clean you?"
"I won't tell you, but I'm not taking one"




Make it yourself




not him but i'll support you


not him but i'll ruin your forum


Kek I wouldn't even let you find it!


I have a hunch any given forum has an expiration date. No online forum will ever be exceptional, but some of them, for the first year or so, might at least be somewhat laid back. That is until even more people stumble upon it and the community begins to feel less... chill. I mean, that isn't really a quantifiable thing, and i'm unsure what makes a place feel laid back, but I do know that after a while and after more people find a community that atmosphere tends to fade. The thing is that I don't expect quality discussions from imageboards, so pretty much the ONLY thing of value they can provide is a comfy atmosphere. Once that's gone, what even is there to really stick around for?

I dunno, i'm just having a brainfart. But I really wonder what aspects are needed for the ideal community... I also feel like there's just a certain kind of personality or archetype of person. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the kinds of people who are too passionate/invested in stuff that normals care about. I've noticed these same kinds of people can only speak ironically. I guess that's just more personal because I just don't enjoy the company of normals or care about normal-tier stuff so seeing people talk invested about that stuff just turns me off.

If i'm being completely honest, I believe most of you people are normals. I just cope with it because nowhere is safe, but sometimes I just dream of a single space where there were no normals... Alas, tis' just an autistic dream that'll never be fulfilled.


Not only do we need to advertise it(the easy part), but we need to make it appear active and interesting. We should create more threads, about interesting stuff, like that mbti thread.


Because 4ch only has tiny dick asian/mexican mods. SO you get banned for absolutely anything. Not surprising, since the owner is an anorexic jap that posts pictures of himself crossdressing.


As if the previous owner didn't.


actually nice idea