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Alienation No.1902

Whenever I find an interesting Wikipedia article about someone's life, I ponder "Can such things happen? Can life really be this interesting? How is it even possible that we share the same reality?". Their lives seem so unworldly compare to mine that bewilders me. Here I am spending my days in front of a screen when at my age, people were "living in a movie" at some point in time. Even as I type this, there are people who are leading active and social lives even if they aren't worthy of a movie adaptation and to me, that still baffles me. Perhaps I'm suffering from a serious case of alienation for a number of reasons.
Can anyone here relate?


Important to remember most people are just wage slaving and wasting away and not living it up as much as you would think.
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I have literally done practically nothing but live in front of my monitors for close to 9 years straight every single passing day. Yes, I can absolutely relate.


Never forget civilization would not be possible without the work done on the backs of slaves.


yes but people like us dont get Wikipedia articles. those that do have done something interesting to warrant it. but in reality most people don't make a large impact like that just like how there is no articles on some farmer who worked, drank and then died. Once you accept this you can kind of relax nothing you do will be remembered or cared about so spend your time shitposting.


So much this! Let's just embrace our own insignificance and watch the big shit show on the interwebz.