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community sharing thread No.1937

A lot of threads on this board are advertising other boards and communities. Let's have a dedicated community sharing thread so people stop filling up the catalog with them.


Spam bots wouldn't care, but nice idea.


The admin should make it a feature where he can merge or move those into this thread.


Good idea


this is my neet server if anyone is interested.

I'm pretty much in vc all the time except when im sleeping. just streaming Toons and movies n stuff. im lonely tbpBbxtE5U


Are there any NEET forums out there? I'm just not a fan of Discord and I haven't had any luck on IRC.


>>1947 if you're an incel NEET


Very interesting. Thanks for the link, I did not know about this place. I don't really care about the whole "incel" thing personally. I just want to discuss hobbies and interests among other NEETs instead of bitching about my sexual life or therefore lack of one. Without the pressures of societial norms especially.