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Trying to Escape No.1969

I feel like everytime i fall down into one of these comfortable communities like here, r9k and the neet reddit, it just ends affecting my mentality for the worse and fills me with pessimism and nihilism

But when i do try to escape to the real world i just cant relate to Normies and feel like too much of an alien to even interact with them, after 5 years of being a NEET and having no friends there just simply too much of a void behind me


the truth is that we can't escape. i'm just trying to build the courage to kill myself...


I lost all ability to even communicate with normies. The last few years I was even around them, I would just sit in silence, and they'd keep trying to pester me or find something off because I wouldn't join in with their normie behavior.


>fills me with pessimism and nihilism
That is what the Universe is made of. Sorry, that you realized that.

Nice people help though, so...


This is not a comfortable community.


I don't know about you, but this place is far more comfortable than typical other imageboards. Slow and not typically flooded by a bunch of shit except for the occasional idiot trying to advertise. That's really my only gripe with what happens here and even then I can just choose to ignore those threads.


>pessimism and nihilism
A mild (not cold turkey) solution to this is to not interact with with any of the nilhists/pessimists/NEETS/Wizards ect online, while using boards of some of the more optimistic "non-normalfag" sub-cultures you can stand.
As in; avoiding all of the "depressed nilhist faggots".
I'm thinking of a /pol/'s /sig/ thread, /tv/, /k/, /tg/, & /v/(sometimes).


I have been able to get free therapy via my country's NEETbux-adjacent programs. It's helped a lot. A priest might help too, depending how religious you are. The corona allowed me to do it over the phone too.


This would not work for the thinking individual although we may be biased towards seeing the world as bad pessimism still makes sense no matter how much we wish it did not.
You are essentially advising we brainwash ourselves and I think most of us have tried but it does not work that is the issue and even if it did the problem is not always philosophical pessimism but psychological issues.

I am a lot happier now I gave up