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Stuck in Time and Left Behind No.1998

I've been a NEET for a very long time now, longer than i can remember.
My parents don't give a shit about me. So you know they don't mind.
Though I'm grateful that i haven't been kicked out in the streets yet.
all i do all day:
Is eat "Ready to eat Ham and Pineapple Pizza" Smoke Chinese branded cigarettes. Drink a fuck ton of strong coffee. And a bit of chips and chocolate. Just sitting in my own small room using my PC 14 hours day doing whatever.
It's gone this far that i can't feel any emotions anymore. I even forgot how it was to sit with a couple of people and have a laugh.


Do you get any neetbux? If you do, going out once in a while helps clear my head.


I couldn’t help but admire your digits


Yours as well!


tfw no kawaii noodle eating NEET bf 🥰


I’ve been a NEET for over a decade. I drink so much alcohol I’m starting to feel withdrawals. I’ve been flooding my brain with nicotine and alcohol for years (every single day). It honestly took longer than I thought. Good thing the cure for withdrawals is just to drink more lol


How much do you drink to start having withdrawals? I drink nearly every day, but I usually don't get drunk, just a nice buzz.


375ml (half of a 750ml) bottle of liquor plus local IPAs (beer). Drinking is too good.


Damn. Well I hope your health doesn't deteriorate too quickly.


I was in extreme pain when I woke up, but I felt amazing after a few tall glasses of neat whiskey at 10:00 am. Honestly I’m fine if I die soon.


I don’t want to die but I’m fine with it


Post neet hovel.
>inb4 he doesn't


are you still here, op


i'd say you're living it good, that is a neet aesthetic right there. why not make some music or something? be a cool neet music man.