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Manga reccommendation thread No.2012

The mangas I liked the most.
No introduction required
Dark cynical coming of age
>lollypop or a bullet
A dark depressing story with very cute art but not edgy
>we did it
Similar to pun pun very dark at times and funny as well a good look at human nature.

Some other good ones are Shamo, holyland, boys on the run, twin spica, spirit circle and more.

I just read what there was of boy's abyss and liked it and now looking for more manga similar to the darker types which are mature.


I loved Himizu as well, I've also read most of Furuya Minoru's other translated works and would certainly recommend them if you hadn't yet read them. Most recently a scanlation group picked up Saltiness which is a work of his. Inio Asano's stuffs are interesting as well but for some reason I've yet to finish any of his works. Another mangaka whose works I enjoy and are of a similar theme to Furuya Minoru is Oshimi Shuzo. He is known for Aku no Hana, which is infamous for its rotoscoped anime adaptation. It's another manga that I really liked and would recommend to you especially since you've also enjoyed Himizu. Other works of his that I've read are Boku wa Mari no Naka and Chi no Wadachi. Since you've read Boys on the Run, you might want to read I am a Hero if you haven't. It is the manga that the author is most well-known for which is an interesting take on the Zombie genre. Most recently he is working on Under Ninja, which as its title says is about ninjas that have existed to the modern age. Another manga that comes off of my mind at the moment is Dragon Head.


Chiisana Mori no Ookami-chan is a cute and fun one. It's about a cute wolf girl who lives in the woods and wants to be it's big and scary guardian but is too cute and nice to do it. She goofs off with her friends doing things like helping a friend find a place to move in, taking care of an injured bird, and playing in the snow. It helps to fill the void in my soul after Kemono Friends had been ruined.


Anyone else feel like there is really fuck all manga that is worth reading after having spent so much time reading them? I wish I could be the anon who loves iseaki and other shit tier manga but I just cannot.

Hello thanks for the comment and suggestions I have read all of them or attempted to at least.

This osunds cute was looking for a moe thanks.