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How do you see your world? No.2022

This is my window. It has two layers of curtains. The inner one are long curtains, and they cover the radiator and the outer curtains to make the room less depressing.

The outer curtains (you can see one of them on the right) is a 100% black black-out curtain, that is off-white/grey on the outside and the darkest black on the inside. It keeps the sun out at daytime, and keeps any light from inside bleeding out at night. To a passer by down on the street, it looks like at nigh the person living here is asleep. At daytime, it looks as someone just has their curtains closed to no one can peek in.

I've put the black-out curtain to the side so I could take a HDR photo. But normally, the curtains are always closed and I never look out the window. I rely on webcams around my city, and other cities nearby to see how the weather is, and if the sun is up or down.

How about you anons?

»» Kó𝑓


>But normally, the curtains are always closed and I never look out the window.
Neither does anon. I#ll try to take a picture anyway. Tomorrow...


Okay done. And yes, it is as gray as it looks. At least my aloe vera plant is blooming.


Put foil on your windows try out darkmode irl and slowly develop far worse agoraphobia !!!
WHy do you bother checking local weather as a hikikomori?


>Put foil on your windows
No need to. :3


>WHy do you bother checking local weather as a hikikomori?
Even Hikikomori have to go out sometimes. Well, at least the ones who don't live with their parents... Some delivery went wrong or you need meds or stuff. Anon leaves his apartment about every two weeks.


This is based but foil will stop every speck of light I imagine this does also.
I never used to go out ever but same I go out sometimes because have to pretty much.
I do not bother checking weather though if it rains it rains.


Not a single photon gets through when shut. It's not in use most of the time, cause anon is too lethargic to walk 3 feet to reach the button. I might start using a broomstick or something similar as a remote...


This thread needs more anon window views!


Op here.

Haha, almost looks shopped.
I don't have any plants in my apartment. I once had a small cactus, but it died and ended up attracting flies.

Can't. People would see this from outside, and start asking questions. I don't want to get bothered by anyone. Better hide in plain sight. As I explained in my opening post, the idea is that people think the person inside is either asleep or not at home, etc.
Also why do I bother checking the weather? Because I like to. I speend hours on windy.com just watching weather data, or watching webcams from all around the world. It feels like I'm almost omnipresent that way.

Rolläden are quite common where I live, but unfortunatelly, this house doesn't have them.

I'll take more pictures when I'm back home.
I'm in the hospital right now, for a condition I don't want to talk about rn.


Get well soon, anon!


> I spend hours on windy.com
And now this anon is gonna do that too now. Sounds comfy and just right for assburger me. Thanks, OP!




Bon rétablissement !


>I once had a small cactus, but it died and ended up attracting flies.
Been there, done that. Anon's green thumb developed when he was 35. "Gardening" is fun and way better than a pet. That plant feels like a bro. Anon lives like a plant too.

Sorry for the many posts, I'm using my phone to post and it's close to impossible to quote properly.


Op here.

I have acquired a kerosene lamp for 0 money.
I put Biodiesel in it, so it doesn't stink. It actually doubles as a little space heater, as he glass gets to about 300°C right where that bottleneck is.

Nice warm light without electricity, and it's even dimmable!

When I make the light really bright, it's perfecly fine for reading, too!

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Hello Bernd! Yes, it's a nice little lamp. Pretty comfy tbh and I'm happy for you. :3