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Let's talk NEETbux No.2099

How much neetbux are you guys getting?
I'm at 4k a month and it's quite comfy


I won an all-expenses-paid vacation to live with my parents. How do I transfer to neetbux when they get tired of me? Can I?


It depends. Do you have any ailments that could be considered a disability?


I've had a number of mental disorders pinned on me over the years, but since I managed to survive college I'm not sure those will be enough. I hear it's very hard to get bux if you've graduated (even though I never could or would have done it without my parents forcing me).


Well if you have a hard time landing or maintaining a job you might be in luck. You could always try getting a disability lawyer to help you


How do they tell who's failing intentionally for bux and who really isn't good enough? My main fear is being told, "You did college, you can at least work a cash register".


I don't honestly know how they make that determination. I would consult with a disability lawyer. They won't charge you unless you are awarded disability. They'd be able to tell you if you have a chance


Ok, thanks for the advice.


How do you get 4k a month in NEETbux?

I only get 200 which isn't enough to live off of.


$940 Social security disability, $3.1k VA disability.
Why are you only getting $200?



I don't get disability, it's just basic welfare. I get food allowance and free basic healthcare. I tried to get on disability in the past and never could get approved.


Interesting. Any housing benefits? I am assuming you aren't american.


Also, yes, veteran


$800/month, now join this NEET server (males only)


Is this a troll server? I'm really tentative about joining random discords


0 because I don't want to be registered as a retard


minimum wage amount in USA and I get free medical free everything even social workers to help me dhop and clean my room some fuckin how.
These people really be thinking I have severe mental problems and I probably do but am lucky.

Free housing is next!


Very nice! Where are you from to get those benefits?

Is it a pride issue for you?


no, just a very dead NEET server that needs more NEET posters


A little paranoid to say sorry but my advice is to find some advicates who help you get benefits if you are mentally ill. You DO need extensive medical record of being fucked in the head and getting put in the crazy hospital can help a lot.
wage slaving is being retarded if you can get NEETbux


I'm an older neet (30) so I'm a bit hesitant to join a discord if it's a bunch of people 10 years younger than me. I'll feel like a creep


Discords are shit especially NEET ones they are filled with drama fags best to avoid


There should be a guide about how into neetbux. I'm tired of slaving away my life. Haven't worked since end of last year due to "mental problems" but all those dirty niggas want is to get me back into wageslavery. I just want the comfy neetlife forever bros...


I worry that it might take away some benefits
And maybe there's also a small pride issue there, but I wouldn't call it that


This Anon gets the equivalent to around 1000 USD/month. Part is welfare, part is disability bux.


Everything is aimed at wagelavery even if you get on disability they try make you do waging they see disabiity bux as insurance to get you working etc I hate it.


I'm just gonna turn myself in at mental clinc every couple of months, eventually they'll just write me off as human garbage and let me live in peace hopefully. At least that's the plan.


If you are serious about it just do some self harm say you tried kill yourself the dtails do not matter you could just take a bunch of vitamins and tell 911 you tried OD on "pills".

Where I am it is super easy to get on BUX at most they make you look for work and go to meetings a lot but if you have mental problems you can get a lot of that fucked off.
Have not had to do anything for over a year now.


Every diagnosis and day you can't work counts. Every stay at a hospital and every bit of evidence you're not able to work. Anon had to go through hell for many years and had to sue a few people, but since he won his court case against the government, anon is finally free. Good luck, anon. Also: Get help. It's much easier with an organization behind you or at least a professional social worker.


How do you get this help if you have no income to pay them with?


I live in a country with a working health and welfare system. Pure luck I guess.


Just accrue medical debt. They can't deny you emergent care.


Sorry, I wasn't clear in my post. By "them" I meant the organizations or social workers who advocate for you.


Most US civilian hospitals I've been in have social workers and psychiatrists in their mental wards. They'll be able to help you while you're there.
If you're regularly going into the ER for mental reasons they will eventually help you with getting disability, or at least presenting resources for you to follow up on.

I don't know if this is true for all hospitals, but I've been to about 5 different psych wards in varying hospitals

2eax3.png (696.2 KiB, 1158x1418) google saucenao

I didn't have to pay to pay them, I just had to contact them. - the healthcare system pays them. But it's Europe here and anon knows nothing about the welfare and healthcare system in the USA.


Anons I just had meeting with a few social workers to work out a plan for what I need funding for because mentaly disabled lol. Might get myself some cleaners and money to get public transport or taxi and cheaper housing plus literally anything I think I may need or want that can seem to "help" me.
Lucked out for once I guess.

What is up with this needing a lawyer to get on disability or NEETbux? Makes no sense to me because where I am you apply or have a doctor do paper work for you so you can try get disability and ify ou o not meet the requirements you do not get it and if you are fucked up enough you do.

I understand disability is hard to get and for "good" reason but even then they nowmally knock you back in USA even if you fit the requirements.

I went to doctors recently a new doctors and didn ot have my medical details with me because this anon is unorganized and the reception lady saidid I would have to pay even though on a pension and stuff but my doctor was based and put it through so I did not have to pay.


Yeah trying to get disability in the US you have to jump through hoops. Especially if it's mental illness(es)


Going through the process to get disability in the US as a mentally ill autist is basically a job.


knew someone who applied and got it but they were extremely autistic.
I see videos of some autists who seem like hey could work on disability but imagine would be very hard to get.


If you get it though the effort is kind of worth it


Life is always hard. Normies don't give a fuuaarkk about us anyway.


What type of normies? normies give too much of a fuck about me in my opinion.
They are always trying to help me


>They are always trying to help me
They're helping themselves.


true on a deeper sense but they try lnk me into services etc


Use them to improve your life. It's their job. Don't be afraid.


Thats the thing I just want my own place and to be left alone they have me making plans and stuff to study when I would prefer to self study.
I made plans to get more funding which could be used to help me but I want to remain a NEET I will anyway but the idea of getting "ready" to return to work and healing just so I can work can fuck off.


Isn't ambulant help an option in your area? It's far less expensive for everyone and they come over once or twice a week and support anon when having to deal with paperwork, housework and officials. I'd never want to live in some psychiatric ward too.


IDK what that is but have social workers who help me out now that I am linked in with the system. I cannot do anything an adult would like paperwork or anything lol.


>IDK what that is
I think i made a mistake, the proper English term seems to be "ambulatory social care" - It just means that they come to your home to help you. Sorry anon, not a native speaker. ^__^


Just got 60k in funding for wagies to clean up after me and take me outside for the year.
6 hours a week I can get cleaners or people to come and cook me food also people to manage my banking etc also 100 hours of therapy a year.

This is like NEETbux + some easy mode cheat.
Being mentally ill is finally paying of quite literally I could even use som of their money to buy anime stuff and claim it is for my autism.


Invest everything you can into becoming a NEET millionaire. Turn your NEETbux into something that’s worth so much more.


I dont need to all too hard I get al the help I need as a NEET


What country are you from?


Why do you ask? 47k USD in funding sorry made mistake.


oh yeah I get NEETbux in addition to the funding money pretty crazy.

Swag.jpeg (100.51 KiB, 750x1132) google saucenao

Pretty fucking comfy sounding. Congratulations fellow NEET


That's the spirit!


I almost feel bad as I get nearly double the minimum wage in fund money just so I can live a life of a standard to a mentally healthy person and I get my NEETbux as well. I could get someone to tae me to an animecon if I wanted if too shy to go by myself and be alone it is sort of exciting but I feel undeserving.

If I worked I would maybe not be too happy about so much tax money going to NEET hikikomori who are useless even if it is because of mental problems.


i get 1169 cad a month
mental illness


>NEET hikikomori who are useless
No, you're not useless. There's always purpose and anon really likes your company.


ahh thanks anon hope we can both have a better day/night




You don’t need to feel bad. You’re not defrauding anyone. No one asks to be born into this world.


I guess it is just coming to terms with needing help which can be hard and I do nothing for example but whenever I try do something I find it very difficult for example and not from a lack of intellectual capacity but everything else.
Thanks anons :)


How do you guys get NEETbux?


Being in a psych ward was hell for me, it was like being taken from the vast ocean and into a small fish bowl with dozens of other fish.
I wasn't allowed to bring electronics with me, so the only options I had to really pass the time was to read the few books they had around, pace around in the room I was put in, and go to the courtyard on some days, but it still wasn't enough to take my mind off the environment I was in.
The roommate I was situated with was in there for 3 months and kept wanting to talk to me about shit I didn't care about, I just wanted to be left alone.
I remember certain individuals who were crying a whole lot like me or getting angry and getting into arguments with staff members and other people who were there and it only made me more fearful and depressed because I was afraid of being on the receiving end of someone's anger despite being told that I was "safe" and that I would be okay.
I would be having mental breakdowns in some corner of the facility or on the floor because it was that hard for me to keep it together, crying like never before and yelling at other staff members that I just wanted to go home until I was nothing but a drooling mess of a human being.
I only really lasted 3 or 4 days in before I got out early because I went there voluntarily and when my parents knew I couldn't keep it together and stick being there for an entire week.
My parents were convinced that I was just being a wuss for not staying the full duration I was there and getting the "help" I needed, like my aunt, but I'm not like other people I'm just me.
I was just simply glad I wasn't in there anymore, I later told my parents that if they were to kick me out of the house, I would simply accept my fate and walk the land until I die of starvation, which got my parents extremely worried and later got put on depression meds by my doctor for the last 2 months or so, which is where I am right now.
I guess what I've earned from that whole experience was I valued my freedom more greatly and proof that I went to a psych ward to my pile of evidence, which might prove helpful when I apply for neetbux with the help of a lawyer a few months from now although I don't know if the duration I was in there for would affect how much weight my evidence holds.


They don’t get it.


it is worth it when you get BUX and hopefuly you do.


You guys must not live in usa, it’s so demoralizing to try and get disability neetbux here. You have to convince them u r too retarded to work at all


I get the NEETbux and I live in the US. A paper trail of numerous hospitalizations got me the bux.


ify ou have problems that are documented you will get help.
not USA and I get a lot of services for free because I am seen as unable to function.


I have been on and off neetbux whenever possible, the longest I can last at a job are from a week to 6 months, sometimes i don't even show up on the first day, where i live you need to be 'actively searching' for a job to qualify for the bux, except getting disability which i don't have the energy left to try claiming.

Working is hell for me, i don't have any contact with my family, and the longer i neet at a time the less sleep i get because i feel too anxious having to accept a job from the jobcenter they throw at you, otherwise i would soon become homeless. Not sure how long i can do this anymore, i honestly hope for an accident or something that kills me because i am so tired.


I get 800 USD a month and my own apartment. It is very comfy and I am grateful for the blessings I've received in life


Do you get section 8 housing or what?


C'mon guys. Where and how are you getting NEETbux from? Help each other out


i had them at some point, but now I prefer to be normal and just hustle for money. Its kinda depressing to do so, though, so I don't earn that much.

as for autismbux - the more shizo you can seem, the more (or at least easier) money you will get.


But the US doesn't pay out too much do they?


Uncle Remus Guide to Autismbux.


The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security


i found it here.

Guide to autismbux


Wish I had the foresight to save every amount of money I was given as a kid, but my bro and dad used to steal from me when I was a small kid
I kinda just want to lose conciousness, I don't want to be around
My bro hates me for being what I am, he also hates my dad for that and some mentally ill bitch that is his gf made a huge deal out of something unrelated
(thanks for reading my blog post)


I get about $1,000 USD a month for disability. I'm going to spend next month's check on a new synthesizer.


I get $1600 a month, but the bulk of my money comes from crypto investments. I can almost afford to own an apartment now. If everything crashes I'll just either continue to freeload or kill myself or something I don't really care.


I get 132USD every 2 months in my 3rd world country... It's not enough.


>gets NEETbux
>buys [spoiler]gacha[/gacha]
I'm the worst, how do you guys spend your NEETbux? I try to save most of it.


hehe I messed up the spoiler, I don't even know if they work here test


Investing in stocks, commodities and digital assets (crypto). Saving is not really possible long term because of inflation so even if there are market dips and crashes here and there, everyone is better off investing parts of their wealth to grow it. It's the only way to sustain a neet lifestyle forever.
I do spend a bit of my bux on indie VNs and junkfood though, I don't forget to live a little as well and supporting fresh authors who have good growth potential feels good knowing they might become a semi well known manga/vn creator one day. Some of them already made it and I'm proud of them.


1.1k a month
would be decent if I wasn't in debt.


I get nothing.
I live in the worst 3rd world pos "country".
Not even crippled people get any pay.
There's also no pension system, so if you did get a job, then you'd have to hope that the company has some kind of pension plan, but they never do.
I don't know why people still give birth. Al they do is create 100 years worth of suffering, just so they could have a few minutes of attention. That is the nature of the golem.


I'm buying a new phone with my neetbux!
>no pension system
>I don't know why people still give birth
poor people want their children to take care of them obviously even more if your country doesn't have a pension system.


i just got a big backpayment for disability because they approved it last year and forgot or something. i don't understand what you're allowed to spend it on though, the food card had a bunch of weird rules and i keep seeing things about asset limits and it's all very stressful.


Are you getting SSI, or SSDI? SSI has a lot more restrictions




Indeed, there are some who blame the existence of America's social security act for the decline in birth rates, as people rely on the government rather than their own kids for support in old age.