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What NEET things do you get up to? No.22

I've been playing geimus and posting with my friends.

What about you :3?

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Mango and animus.

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I like this neet place, it's a great place in my heart.

I heard they will be upgrading the software soon which sounds intense but when you hear it directly it really makes you think,

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What feature could possibly emerge from that?

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I love this place too. It's one of my favorite sites on the internet. New features sound exciting

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April is a long ways away


Time waits for no one


I hardly have the energy for anything besides lurking, watching the occasional movie or anime, and reading the occasional manga. I really wish this place was more populated, but as it is at least there shouldn't be any fake NEETs around.


What's currently airing this season that has piqued your interest?

spam halfchan


Just watched all of Cardcaptor Sakura in 3 days to see if the new season coming out would be worth watching. Now I'm going back to playing eroge.