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is this place dead


no u




not anymore!


its depressing to see posts all the way back from 2016. this is a nice imageboard I wish whoever made it tried a little harder to get posters.


there are posters here they just dont have anything to say

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hello! listen to my message

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i cant quite make it out anon maybe if you were closer

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sadly yeh but you can make it a little less dead if you come here every once in a while


i am here every day i just need someone to reply to here is my reply hi


hello anon!


Henlo! Anon! Can you hear me?


hi anon :3

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hi anon welcome
no for some reason i can only hear the ocean


the ocean is so beautiful, so vast and unknown

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i love it and then it is terrifying. when you start to think about how little we know about the depths the ocean becomes quite unfriendly

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hello anons

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hi hello anons are you new or just checking in


i've known abut this place since last year but i rarely visited because this chan was completely dead, now it's starting to gain a bit of speed so i'm coming here more frequently

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how goes it !
Im new hows your day going anon ?
Activity is nice fist time here for myself


how did you discover this place fren?


I saw a link on lainchan, you anon or admin ?


i'm just a random anon


i'm the one that posted the link on lainchan btw


Ok is the owner around much ? I looked over a few threads and there seems to be posts from him
viral advertisement hopefully helps seems like a comfy place


yeah the owner tends to be around, don't think he's online now tho

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I see hes done a nice job with the place.
So what you do for fun anon outside of chans and internet ?

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i watch animu, play vidya and code(shit at it tho)

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What you watching ? this season or older stuff
I hear the coding deal im sure if i tried a bit more might make more sense

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i just started watching yuru yuri since everyone on my main chan won't shut up about it, only watched the first ep, seems breddy comfy

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I hope you enjoy it, you a stream anon or you download ?
At least their passionate enough to get you too watch the show.
And you game anything in particular ?

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>you a stream anon or you download?
i usually stream animu
>And you game anything in particular ?
lately i've been obsessed with ksp. my main chan is mewch btw, a lot of people hate it sadly because spamming on other chans became a meme there so the userbase keeps shilling everywhere but it's actually a pretty nice imageboard

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Its easier for sure I like to download myself.
I know waifuist moved over when 8 purged the board but haven't checked in there.
You know why the persistent spam advertisement I see it almost everywhere i think it hurts more than helps tbh
And ive never played ksp but im glad your having fun with it playing rome total war a lot again a throw back to mt youth.


>rome total war
didn't even know this game existed, strategy is not really my genre but i will check it out


there are several, great time sink tbh strategy is decent. Theirs the main campaigns or in a short or long versions with as much or little micro managing as your taste allows works on wine which is what matters you a windows or linux guy ?

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>17 replies




i'm a windows fag but i do have ubuntu installed on a virtual machine

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A busy day it seems for this place
very fast
you still on 7 or you got 10 ?
Its not a bad thing internet points are only worth so much its what works for you im on devuan on my tower quite pleased with.
You ever try ubuntu as a primary os ? Its a great os bit bloated but i use it from time too time played shadows of war the lord of the rings game with it and was smooth.


sorry shadow of mordor the first one got shadows of war on my ps4 my bad


there was some game boy advance game i borrowed and played once it was fun as hell you could play as gandalf and dual wield magic staffs and stuff im gonna go look it up


sounds fun Wikipedia has several listed for the game boy advance i hope you find it though
You ever read the books ? And im a big fan of the movies both hobbit and lotr rumor has it there will be a tv series about gandalf and his adventures but i guess time will tell.


my dad read the books to us as a kid was fucking awesome. movies didnt compare. hobbit was my favorite, will never watch the new movies since i read it so many times the book in my head is unreplaceable


whoa, more anons. welcome

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Cool he read to you, the hobbit movies are still good more flashy than lotr but still enjoyable.
Sorry got distracted then went to bed :p
hows your day going today anon ?
You another anon or management ?
Either way hi anon

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dont remember much had fun with various stuff but i've been awake a long time almost ready to sleep

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At least you had fun hopefully not too long you an all nighter type i like my sleep tbh

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i stay up until im tired enough to fall right asleep and then i sleep well for as long as i possibly can. sleep / dreaming is the best part of life. usually 12 hours per cycle which can be 24-48 hours long depending on whats keeping me up


Sleeping is a beautiful thing i go through cycles with the dreaming though some weeks ill dream others not at all.
I sleep nightly i couldn't live without it i nap when i can as well middle of the day naps are great.
Hopefully im not keeping you up then ?

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hello frens

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hi anon how goes it ?


>hopefully im not keeping you up
lol you say as i am asleep
uppin that pph as usual i see


hi is this the board owner


no sorry friend maybe make a thread for it and he might show


ok sorry anon, must've dialed the wrong anon. i will check my modem and try again.

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