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what sites do you use No.2248

What websites do you use to talk with other people who you can get along with?
I use some smaller imageboards and just tried using reddit but dislike it so wondering what sites you use.

4chan is just garbage mostly :( heyuri is nice new board but slow although faster than here


>What websites do you use to talk with other people who you can get along with?
Just lurk moar.


justlurk.more ?


I use smaller boards. I used which was a textboard with a separate gallery where you could upload files up until recently when the owner killed himself. The people pleasers would be,, and Dreamchan.


Well, what are your interests? There's no point talking to people if you don't share the same interests


Talking to someone you don't share interests is sometimes more enjoyable and pleasant.
Because you can see a different point of view, different perspectives of life.


It really depends on how agreeable the person is.


Only 4chin and this one
Back then I used *****rd but now I don't want to talk with anyone who might recognize me, I can't really delete that account because I want to follow some projects
Sometimes I wish I could stop needing to write in some website and be alone with my thoughts for a long time


A conclusion you could draw from posting this thread is that there are only so many things one can do with another’s perspective.
If there were more then you probably wouldn’t still be searching for people to talk to, because it means the ones you found had substance. But you probably found some, there were a few things to discuss, and then it becomes dead again.

Bending life around what you (on your own) find interesting may sever off some potential peoples and may make you more self-centered, but opens a portal in which you will have to find answers to trot along your new path and that will always involve new people.

The benefit of these new people is that they’ll share your values; if people do not share your values there will always be frustrations and misunderstanding, which, again, probably contributed to failures of past online relationships

The reality of the internet is there’s no more room for arbitrary connections and relationships. Either you have a purpose together or you fade away. Those that aren’t aware of this will only become dejected when they wonder why it’s so hard to feel connected with people and confused at how everyone is gone and your words are dead between one another


People of substance can be incredibly difficult to find especially if you don't benefit from some kind of privilege. There are many different kinds of integrity a person can have, and some will be more beneficial for you embodied in a friend than others.

People who share my values make me feel good, but I value far more people who reason and intuit on the same level as me because they're more relatable through those pathways. A nice person is always going to be apologetic even when they have to speak unpleasant truths. I don't want to waste my time talking to someone callous even if they agree with me on paper.

>The reality of the internet is there’s no more room for arbitrary connections and relationships.
Was there ever?



I hereby decree this the formation of the Substantial NEET Committee.

Now, let's begin!
First order of affairs...
Promoting sane NEET lifestyle and alternative forms of living!


>Sometimes I wish I could stop needing to write in some website and be alone with my thoughts for a long time
all too relatable


I do not want to promote the NEETlife to normalfags if everyone went BEET us true NEET would not get as much bux


Nah you wouldn't have to worry about that. Most NEETs are broken already, most normies are not and wouldn't be able to get disability aka the bux.
NEET life might be appealing to them, but their only hope of achieving the lifestyle is to either get rich or wait for retirement/retire early.


"true" neet vs normy neet

true neet almost never leaves the house
stays on computer 24/7
never socializes (sees no point)
stays in room 24/7
only cares about their own world, not the world of others
doesn't care about making friends

normy neet takes walks
leaves the house often
visits friends and family
some of them are normals who have enough money (from stocks and crypto) to retire. they used to have high paying jobs


more like true hikikomori vs fake hikikomori.


Hikik NEET vs. just NEET. Just because someone is NEET does not make them a recluse. I've met normie NEETs before, though they aren't common. The lifestyle usually makes you isolate.


So true neets are hikkis and don't exist online, gotcha


The internet is the only channel to communicate for this "untrue" neet-hikikomori.


I disagree about the walks. My therapist encourages it, but I still struggle with it.


If you have bad social anxiety that leaves you house bound exposure is the only way my NEET friends but you may well be like me and venture out only to see that the world is shit and it is better to remain a hikikomori.


>What websites do you use to talk with other people who you can get along with?
There are other Websites than this one? Ó_ò


What the fuck happened to beey-sama
I used to go there sparingly and he started to be more and more anti loser while coping with the fact that he was one, until one time i went there and the site was down, been down ever since, did he actually anhero?


> There are other Websites than this one? Ó_ò

You’re here forever!


I'm ready.


yes this is much better
i've always hated the infighting


I mean as far as we can tell he’s gone. I think out of respect for him I didn’t archive his farewell post on


>I didn't archive his farewell post
have you leaned none? everything lol.
To answer Op I use , , , , , , , , , various torrent sites and this site.






These (night)walks are exhausting but beautiful.


I mean I know I didn’t. It was on purpose. I archived every other thread.


I keep forgetting to come back to check here


nice digits and wow that is best girl right there!
very cute.

So are you doing night walks? really good that you are doing them anon! really hope you can find more in life to enjoy and sadly within a closed circuit it is hard to do that. hypocrite I am though :)